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Battle Cloak, Battle-cloak or BattleCloak (all spellings used in-game) is a special sort of power, marking the vampire that wears it as a dedicated fighter. To don the Battle Cloak is to swear by strict rules for armed combat with other vampires. Those in Battle Cloaks are a caste of their own, protected from attacks by non-cloaked vampires. They themselves may only fight each other. When the wearer is down and defeated, the cloak provides protection during initial recovery.

Like Neutrality, the Battle Cloak is a double-edged power that also adds restrictions on what the vampire can do.

Note that a Battle Cloak is not an item per se and can only be removed with difficulty (see below).


Where to get

Peacekeepers Mission 1, 2, or 3


2,000 coins.


A vampire in Battle Cloak:

  • can be attacked with weapons, but only by others in Battle Cloak
  • can use weapons only against others in Battle Cloak

Note that biting and robbery are usually unaffected by the cloak.

Blue name color

A Battle Cloaked Vampire

Battle Cloaked vampires are highlighted in cyan. They are therefore sometimes called "Smurfs" or "Blueberries."

If a vampire has both Battle Cloak and Neutrality, the neutral pink name color will take precedence.


For the roleplaying concept, see Torpor (roleplaying).

If a Battle Cloaked vampire's BP drop below 10, he or she goes into Torpor. Torpor is a special state of rest and recovery, that shows up on the My Vampire page. The vampire will remain in Torpor until his or her BP goes above 250.

Torpor effect

While in Torpor, a vampire:

  • cannot attack — or be attacked — with weapons at all
  • cannot bite and drink from other vampires, nor be bitten by them
  • cannot rob others, but can be robbed
  • cannot be healed by a Necromancer

Pink name color

While in Torpor, the name appears in pink (similar to Neutrality).

Removing the Battle Cloak

Unlike most powers, the Battle Cloak can be removed. However, it can only be done once. Should a vampire don a second Battle Cloak (after removing the first), it becomes permanent.

Removal cost

50,000 coins + 250 BP

Pros and cons

Since it is a double-edged power, the Battle Cloak is not to everyone's taste. Make your decision based on personal gameplay preference.

In favor of the Battle Cloak

  • Can attack other cloaked vampires.
  • Weapon protection from non-cloaked vampires.
  • If defeated, it gives a protected recovery under Torpor.
  • It makes you look cool in cyan.

Against the Battle Cloak

  • Cannot attack non-cloaked vampires.
  • Can be attacked by other cloaked vampires.
  • If defeated, you can only recover blood by biting humans, and cannot rob others.
  • The Battle Cloak is expensive to get rid of.


The Battle Cloak was introduced on 24 January 2006, as opt-in mechanics for the previously roleplayed torpor. The Battle Cloak's Torpor effect was refined shortly thereafter, on 28 January 2006.

Wiki Vampbox

This vampire wears a Battle Cloak.

You can use the vampbox {{Battlecloak}} (shown to the right) on your character page to show the vampire's usage of the Battle Cloak.

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