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Vampire Donation Menu

Credits or donation credits are a form of game currency, used as a complementary way of getting certain in-game things. Unlike the in-game currency of coins, you get credits by paying real money to the game owner Raven Black. This is done via PayPal.

The game is basically free to play, so buying and using credits is optional.



Credits can be used to improve your vampire or affect the city itself. You can also give away credits to another vampire. When buying ordinary powers or the available items it is all done via the donations menu, for other purchases you must email Raven Black about it.

Buying powers

When buying powers with credits, this must be done in a certain order [1]. All can be purchased at a time, as long as upgrades are selected in the correct order. Getting fully powered (ordinary powers) using credits only would cost 143 credits (128 USD) [2].

It is fully possible to acquire some powers in-game (with coins and quests), and some through credits.

Initial power purchase

The first 5 credits give Second Sight. With that you also get:

  • immunity to being Deleted For Inactivity
  • maximum limit of game window updates per day removed
  • a 3 credit discount on a level 1 power purchase (see below)

Level 1 purchases

Once you have (or have selected) Second Sight:

Subsequent higher level purchases

Once you have (or have selected) all the ordinary powers above:

  • For 5 credits each, you get level 2 (up from level 1) of one of the ordinary levelled powers.
  • For 10 credits each, you get level 3 (up from level 2) of one of the ordinary levelled powers.

Buying items

The items bought for credits have unusually low pawn prices [3]. This effectively prevents you from turning real money into coins.

Buying other powers

  • For 100 credits, you get the Ghost ability.
  • For 5 credits, you get any level of Neutrality (or remove it).
  • For 5 credits, you get a Battle Cloak.
  • For 20 credits, you get to remove a Battle Cloak.

Paying for other things

Affecting city features

  • For 10 credits, a rumour of your choice gets spread by the Barman for a month.
  • For 25 credits, a vampire name can be added to the Graveyard (real death certificate must be provided, see grave).
  • For 50 credits, you get to rename a pub (provided it hasn't already been renamed).
  • For 100 credits, you get any type of change to your existing lair (description, location, and name can be changed).
  • For 300 credits, you get to create a lair.

Getting credits

The in-game FAQ page How can I donate? provides the links to PayPal and Vampire Donation Credits Menu (see screenshot).

You get 1 credit for each US$1.00 donated, but a bulk donation of $50—90 gets you +5 extra credits. For larger donations, the bonuses are $100/+15; $150/+22; $200/+35; and $250/+50 extra credits. For donations above $250, email Raven Black.


  • Originally, players had to email Raven Black and manually administrate what they got for donating.
  • The Vampire Donation Menu and credit system was created 20 October 2007, automating the most common donations (i.e. those for powers).


  1. What do I get for donating?
  2. Vampires! Donations
  4. More FAQs
  5. Can you change my vampire's name?
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