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General Information

Family Head: †Lannair Cuan
Former Family 2IC: †Damacus
Members: Those with blood ties leading back to †Lannair Cuan.
Honorary Member(s): †Aural duex
Status: Dead
Ties to Other Lines: The Cuan line is a sub-line of the Dumont family and pledge full allegiance to them.


Alignment: Warring

Philosophy: Blood for blood

Family View on Torpor: As a general rule, this family observes torpor. The only exception to this is mercenary attacks.

Name Sharing: The family name is given freely to those who are part of the lineage and can be used by those who bind into it through marriage; however, those who choose to use the name must abide by the family rules. The name may be stripped from any whose behaviour is deemed unbecoming of the line.
Final Requests: Except in extreme circumstances no requests will be granted.

Diplomacy: Diplomacy will be used to an extent.

Family Values: Loyalty to family. Honor in all things.

Family Code of Honor:

  1. Never abandon a family member
  2. Make only agreements that you are willing, able and intend to keep
  3. Support early, often and unconditionally
  4. Take personal responsibility. No laying of blame, justification or finger-pointing
  5. Fear not the word, the fight or death.
  6. Never falter while the battle rages.

Former Crest






  • February – Attacks begin on †Edenn by the Dumont Family, for hitting †Phaedre. Family members aid in attacks.
  • March 19 – Damacus and †Malone engage †Tifereth and †Reyna in two versus two combat.
  • March 21 – More of the D'dary lineage is brought in to aid their combatants. †-Tatyn- begins attacking back.
  • March 23 – The Cuans enter the battle to defend Damacus and even out the numbers, resulting in a crushing live battle victory. Negotiations begin with Tifereth and Reyna reluctantly agreeing to Lannair's demands.
  • March 25 – Malone posts the official duel in The Bite [1], issuing the official challenge. As part of the duel, Damacus is reduced down to 3000bp to match the other combatants. Terms are as follows:
1. No interference.
2. No necroing.
3. Both members on either team must be at zero before a victory is claimed.
4. Loser must torpor. (Except Reyna, because she's cool.)
  • March 26 – The duels are divided into two 1 vs 1 duels (Malone vs Reyna and Damacus vs Tifereth) before the final two vs two duel. Reyna wins her duel 14-12 and Damacus wins his duel 18-8.
  • April 16 – Tifereth disappears resulting in weeks of silence. After a discussion with Lannair to try and expedite the end of the duels, Reyna rudely expresses that the terms are broken, calling off the duel. Cuans acknowledge and prepare for attacks to restart.
  • April 17 – †Liander steps in to broker an agreement between Lannair and Reyna which results in her publicly forfeiting, conceding the loss, and apologizing for being "rude" to Lannair.[2] Conflict comes to an end.
  • April 21 – Edenn sinks so far into shadows that he ceases to exist. Hitting is no longer needed. His final blood before death was ~80,000bp.
  • June 2 – Several members begin attacks on the vampire †Lebaoth after he randomly attacks vampires in the HoB. †Shadoweye and †Yukimura_Seiki are among those attacked, with †Aida and †AkujinNakaru attacked later on.
  • November 3 – †blackdragon is made a target for continued random attacks on Liski without proper explanation. He spends much of his time in shadows hoping to catch her asleep.
  • November 9 – †RavynneNitewnd and †Shaarinya hit †Azeara with holy water after she tells †Vermathrax-rex that Shaar is a cunt. Told to apologize or pay compensation for the action they refuse and the family begins attacks.
  • November 13 – Azeara goes into shadows for OOC reasons sparking IC flaming from Shaar, Ravynne and V-Rex at her cowardice while the family continues to hit.
  • November 14 – †Cathrina, †bloodymonkey, †Nghthawk and †Sammy join in to defend Ravynne and Shaar and are put on the target list.
  • November 15 – It is hinted that Sammy's family (Lomax) will step in to defend against her being hit. Dumonts are put on alert to defend if this is the case as Sammy interfered where she was not involved.
  • November 15 – blackdragon emerges to attack Liski who is shadowed in the home, and is attacked live by multiple family members. An argument ensues in the streets before he falls back into shadows once more.
  • November 16 – Ravynne speaks to both Liski then Damacus, brokering a deal. She will be taken to zero and all conflict with her will be resolved. Liski, AnnaMolly and Damacus take her to zero with the latter taking killshot. Ravynne takes torpor and all but Shaar remain targets. V-Rex informs the family she will not be protected nor aided by any of his further and she is to deal with her actions when she wakes.
  • December 16 – Shaarinya emerges from shadows after a month of silence and is attacked.
  • December 20 – Shaar leaves †Penny a threatening message not to touch her either not realizing she is family or not caring. The next day after being hit she embellishes threatening a contract to have Penny zeroed.
  • December 27 – Shaar breaks Raven's rules by spelling the word CUNT using words to avoid the foul language filters. She is reported and jailed. She is released the next day.
  • December 28 – Shaar is zeroed with Azeara taking the killshot. She refuses torpor.
  • December 29 – blackdragon approaches Liski to discuss the issue and put an end to aggression. Out of past love and affection for her brother she accepts and ceases all conflict.


  • February 1 – †Drella, †Grin and †-Tatyn- attack Damacus stating Tatyn was annoyed with his presence and to stay away from her/not speak to her. Attacks are returned by Dama and his childer with Tatyn being zeroed that evening. Dama retaliates one hit on Drella stating if she hits again she'll be handled by Dumonts. It is decided Dama and Grin will fight one-on-one without interference.
  • February 4 – Grin tries to goad other members of the family to a live duel to save face after losing twice to Damacus. The family decides to attack at will to put him down quickly.
  • February 5 – Damacus stakes Grin ending the fight.
  • February 29 – †Liander burns and scrolls Damacus for striking his childe †Alana in the taverns.
  • March 1 – Attacks begin on Liander who hits a few of the family before rabbiting around the City. The family gives chase for some time before Lannair stakes Alana for his actions. Liander swears to see Lannair zeroed. A short chase ensues after before Liander agrees to stop running and be zeroed if Lannair pays necro compensation to Alana. He agrees and Liander is taken to zero and staked by Lannair.

  1. The Bite - Duel challenge [1]
  2. The Bite - Reyna forfeits [2]
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