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A prominent family within RavenBlack City, founded by the lineage-head †Sartori and currently under the leadership of †Tifereth

The D'dary coat of arms.


Current Members

†Sartori, †Sheyrena, †MiaRaeLyn, †Elektra, †Naimira, †Icsis of Exuma, †Irk, †Vella, †Tifereth, †Rodargo, †Jaenelle, †Drella, †KIIA, †Orgasmerilla, †Andre, †Sitrence, †Tarin, †Liander, †Liz Summers, †Vex, †Ezra, †Ildiko.

Lineage Tree

└─ Sartori ─♥─ †Sheyrena
├─ †Rodargo ─♥─ †Liz Summers
│ ├─ †Persephony
│ ├─ †Daphne
│ └─ †Ember Argent
├─ †gregorious
│ ├─ †Estasi
│ └─ †chicka
├─ †Elektra
│ ├─ †Jaenelle
│ └─ †Billy-bo Jimbo
├─ †Icsis of Exuma
│ ├─ †SWatcher
│ │ └─ †Draccaj
│ ├─ †Alpha Dragon
│ └─ †Matori
├─ †Sheyrena ─♥─ †Sartori
│ ├─ †Vella
│ ├─ †Andre ─♥─ †Drella
│ │ ├─ †Tyra
│ │ │ └─ †twistedwhisper
│ │ ├─ †xXChameleonXx
│ │ ├─ †-Konamie-
│ │ ├─ †Idony
│ │ ├─ †Trinket ─♥─ †Anders
│ │ └─ †Tarin
│ ├─ †Deylin
│ ├─ †Aeryn DuSang
│ ├─ †Ephiny
│ │ └─ †druantia
│ ├─ †Drella ─♥─ †Andre
│ │ ├─ †Liz Summers ─♥─ †Rodargo
│ │ │ ├─ †NikitaPower
│ │ │ └─ †Nikki-Doll ─♥─ †Seb
│ │ │ ├─ †-Tyr-
│ │ │ ├─ †TitheSmoke
│ │ │ ├─ †frog
│ │ │ └─ †Tiffereth
│ │ ├─ †Sitrence
│ │ ├─ †Eyezac
│ │ ├─ †Liander
│ │ │ └─ †Nyatta
│ │ ├─ †Ezra ─♥─ †Vex
│ │ └─ †KIIA ─♥─ †Seppuku
│ │ ├─ †Kean
│ │ │ ├─ †Jean
│ │ │ │─ †-Lily-
│ │ │ └─ †-Lionel-
│ │ ├─ †Sapphira
│ │ ├─ †Vaan
│ │ ├─ †Teagan
│ │ └─ †Nyssa
│ └─ †Tifereth ─♥─ †Louvain
│ ├─ †Orgasmerilla ─♥─ †Etienne
│ │ └─ †Zander
│ ├─ †Fable
│ │ ├─ †Pickett
│ │ └─ †Ashen
│ ├─ †Magwayen
│ ├─ †Jacomo Varis
│ ├─ †Vex ─♥─ †Ezra
│ │ ├─ †Lyn
│ │ ├─ †Willa ─♥─ †Gallagher
│ │ ├─ †Anders ─♥─ †Trinket
│ │ ├─ †Seb ─♥─ †Nikki-Doll
│ │ ├─ †Orion
│ │ ├─ †Gypsy ─♥─ †Tarchetti
│ │ ├─ †Dae Hyun
│ │ ├─ †Yurina
│ │ └─ †Jenny
│ └─ †Gallagher ─♥─ †Willa
├─ †Naimira-sama
│ └─ †Dowd
├─ †King Lestat
│ ├─ †Mylene
│ ├─ †Nahm
│ ├─ †EmpressLizard
│ │ └─ †Baniwigirl
│ ├─ †dr_x_online
│ │ └─ †Dawnrosen
│ │ └─ †Cervena
│ ├─ †charlotte
│ └─ †Edgar
├─ †MiaRaeLyn
│ └─ †Elvenbane
├─ †Irk
├─ †sarty farty
├─ †Brigitte
├─ †Kriminel
└─ †John Duckman


†Etienne ─♥─ †Orgasmerilla (Childe to Tifereth)
├─ †Lilium
│ ├─ †Axelle_Garhet
│ └─†Gabriel
└─ †Shiloh

Accomplishments and History

  • Proprietors of the warring excuse "for the lulz"
  • First successful bloodline-exclusive group to actively engage clans in war
  • First relatively small group in the city to take on larger groups and win, due to innovative live-fighting and dueling techniques pioneered by †Sartori
  • 2007's Scary/Creepy/Damn Strange Ass Bloodline of the Year
  • One of the longest-running groups still active
  • Only major non-resting, warring group who are not merceneries.
  • First group to kill a vampire using UV grenades.
  • First group to zero a member of the Republic of Ravenblack.
  • First group to defeat the Republic of Ravenblack in war in the 10 years since its founding.
  • Founders of the Supreme Court of RavenBlack City.


  • September 26 - the House of D'dary opens as a gathering place for members of Sartori's lineage.
  • October 17 - †Sartori severs his former sire, †Capadocious, to head his own line.
  • November 16 - As rumors of war brew, †Sartori, †MiaRaeLyn and †Sheyrena take their leave of the Ferrymen, residing in the House of D'dary for the time being.
  • November 26 - Conflict against the Warriors of Eternity, Noches Oscuras, The Crossed Swords and the Tower of Blood begins, first blows being landed solely upon ladypeacek.
  • November 27 - shaarinya, leader of Noches Oscuras, is caught live by MiaRaeLyn, Sheyrena, Sartori, Tifereth and MORPHYUS. She takes heavy losses, falling in the one engagement from 16642 pints to 7106. (38 holywaters counted against her) Mia and EvilBill celebrate the fight by getting bound later that night. ladypeacek goes live against Parthinia and Miranda Dawn, landing 4 shots against each receiving 1 from each.
  • November 28th - Warriors of Eternity and their allies rally their true numbers on the field, provoked by the beating shaarinya took and striking the D'dary house. Though no-one has fallen yet, as of this night the D'dary house field 13 people, their foes, 29.
  • November 29th - bloodymonkey, BlueVamp and Ms Errie come for the kill on Tifereth. With her full compliment of ap she unloads a massive 19 holywaters spread out between the 3 before falling to zero. Despite the heated arguments between the warring sides, both stop arguing and hail her as a true warrior. With her last ap she's heard yelling, "'VIVA THE D'DARY FAMILY!'" Both jimmherr and shaarinya are zeroed in a combined attack by the D'dary house and the House of Heorot, who decided to aid the zeroing of the pair due to their unsavoury remarks about the HoH after leaving them.
  • November 30th - Childofkisses, a Warriors of Eternity student, approaches the D'dary family to discuss a ceasefire. During these talks Warriors of Eternity attack the D'dary members involved in the talks: angered by such a tactic to ensure the D'dary house do not catch them live, they zero Childofkisses in that night's attacks.
  • December 2nd - Sartori and MiaRaeLyn are overheard in the RBC hall listing a total of 26 out of 31 targets that've been in shadows since their attacks on the 30th.
  • December 5th - following a large scale live fight between almost 30 people, COVEN is brought to zero by the D'dary house.
  • December 9th - Miranda Dawn is the only combatant to have moved since the large live fight on the 5th. The D'dary house blind-scroll †matej from a few hundred pints to 0.
  • December 10th - The D'dary house declare that either the ToB, WoE, NO and CS surrender or continue fighting, or they'll begin to zero the students and fledgling childer of the people and clans involved.
  • December 11th - Angered by such a declaration, over half of the shadowed vampires rise from shadows and re-join the fight.
  • December 13th - the Sanctuary of Immortal Enlightenment (SIE) led by Hesu, join the war and begin attacking WoE and co, at kaio999's and ladypeacek's request.
  • December 18th - 5 members of the WoE side have been zeroed by SIE and the rest all remain in shadows. The war effectively ends.


  • January - Sartori claims the first zeroing of the new year as his duel with Shikon comes to an end and Shikon's zeroed. After the duel, Sartori, Sheyrena, MiaRaeLyn and other D'dary members join the Church of Blood.
  • February 16th - Sartori sires Mia's husband †EvilBill.
  • February 19th - The D'dary, the Church of Blood, House of Heorot and Clan Capadocious jointly attack The Inner Circle and the newly-formed Yggdrasil.
  • February 21st (approx) - Sartori falls in battle. Several other D'dary fall with him, having been targeted early on as threats by TIC. HoH, CoB and Capadocious do ultimately win the war against TIC and Ygg, however.
  • February 26th - Sartori goes dead and buried. His partner Sheyrena follows soon after.
  • March - Andre builds the D'dary Manor as a monument to Sartori.
  • May - Andre and MiaRaeLyn track down the location of Sartori's body. They resurrect him, against his will.
  • June - Sartori resurrects his wife. Together, they take their leave of the Church of Blood, and decide to act as their own independent lineage from then on, having no need of clans.
  • June - Jack Waffles is overheard refering to †Sartori as "Sarwhori" and is attacked by the D'dary line mid-month. He arranges a duel with Andre, who begins winning the fight handily. A few thousand pints left Jack refuses to continue the duel, and the D'dary house zero him.
  • July 11th - †kaio999 challanges Sartori to a duel, he accepts.
  • July 14th - kaio backs out of the duel, Mina cites him owing her 350,000 coins as the reason for him being unable to duel.
  • July 15th - The D'dary house attack kaio. The Ferrymen do not come to his aid, but zero him themselves at his request.
  • July 17th - †On-da-g sires Sartori. Soon after this, she would sire †Annabelle as well to create the first D'dary bloodline alliance with the Adaire family.
  • September - The D'dary house zero yay blood for insults made against MiaRaeLyn.
  • September 8th - Sartori zeroes †Lord Akkarin for an insult made in the ghettos.
  • September 20th - House of Heorot, Hells Angels and Scions of the Phoenix zero Sartori in a joint attack, because †Lord Akkarin was one of Heorot's trainees. Sartori orders the D'dary not to intervene, much to their annoyance.
  • September 24th - Sartori is zeroed by HoH. He commissions a necromancer to replenish the lost blood before the zeroing is reported, causing much public confusion as to whether the zeroing ever took place.
  • September - Andre D'dary is the first D'dary to join the temple of lies, as a Priest of Lies and general Bastardry.
  • November - Jauk of the Vampire News Network presents to the combined D'dary / Adaire bloodline an award for being the "Scary/Creepy/Damn Strange Ass Bloodline" of the year. Their prize? A sentient hand named Thing. MiaRaeLyn and "Thing" begin plotting together to cause havok around the D'dary Manor almost immediately.
  • November - The D'dary house zero ForeverxlxMore for threatening Naimira-sama.
  • November - Daly declares it a rule of his to insult any D'dary he sees. Mia and Andre pay a visit to him to test it. He comes true on his rule, insulting both, and is zeroed days later.
  • November - Scythian challenges Sartori to a duel via the Legion Fight Club. The duel is accepted and begins on the 17th, and ends on the 23rd with Sartori rising the victor and Scythian drained of his blood- however Scythian gains applaud from Sartori and the D'dary house for winning one round of the duel 7 hits to 4.
  • November - LadyLilac throws a few insults towards the D'dary house in the VNN, Sartori challenges her to a duel. On the 26th she congratulates Sartori on his victory over Scythian, and accepts, only to fall into shadows not to be seen in public for many months. The duel never takes place.


  • January 6th - A few of the Dogs of War attack RemipunX, Andre goes live against a few of their members in her defense. The rest of the D'dary house attack those people that hit Remi that night.
  • January 7th - Dogs of War agree to stop attacking Remi if the D'dary house hold off from hitting them. Both sides agree, and the minor skirmish effectively ends.
  • January 28th - †sukie was zeroed by the D'dary family and the Adaire family for throwing a HW at †Sartori. sukie's stated reason for her attack was that she thought Sartori was "interesting," and she was trying to get his attention.
  • February 5th - Elektra, Andre, Sartori, Rena, Legion, Mia and Shina zero Daly for insults towards the D'dary house.
  • February 6th - BladeofRayne passes sensitive information from the D'dary house to Daly, is found out, and severed from the line and zeroed that night.
  • February 15th - The Lomax family had the day earlier (14th) attacked RemipunX due to her taking Majica's side in a public argument. The night of the 15th saw the D'dary house along with some of †Majica's line, declare war on the Lomax family.
  • February 16th - AbagailBoone and Emerald_Summer fall to zero before the D'dary house, having been dropped from 4220 pints and 3770 pints respectively.
  • February 17th - The night of the 17th saw a live battle between Calisto (from 6102 pints) and 8 D'dary house members, †Ace, Andre, Elektra, RemipunX, Jaenelle, Tifereth, Icsis of Exuma, and Sartori. Bravely fought but vastly out-gunned, Calisto was zeroed that night. That same night Majica's brood zeroed some of the fledglings at the bottom of the Lomax lineage, and kaio999 took to crucifying them. Not wanting to be tied to this kind of behavior, the D'dary house on the morning of the 18th deemed their revenge for the Lomax's hits on Remi complete, and pulled out of the conflict.
  • February 21st - A vampire by the name of Motharo scrolled setitevampyr from her home on Raven and 50th stating that he wished to rob her, gaining a total of 17 coins. This action led the D'dary house to burn him over the next 24 hours, from 90491 pints down to 79579, at which point the attacks stopped as Motharo aquired a battlecloak.
  • February 25th - Heated arguments between Sartori and †Andre, and several members of Capadocious clan had hit the newspapers. Using the D'dary house's earlier attacks on the Lomax house as an example, they began calling Sartori a bully who should be "put down."
  • February 26th - The D'dary house declare war on Archangel, and in one night zero spikes mrs, Hanyou, smlcspike, JOHNNY HOLLIDA, Alina, nightmistress and mitsuki. tejas_dragon and Archangel flood the public obituaries in an outroar wanting to know why such an attack was made. The only answer given was "for the lulz!" a phrase which soon became their trademark.
  • February 27th - Archangel contact the D'dary house wishing to know why their attack was made and what "lulz" is. He's told to re-read over his comments against the House in the public newspapers, which he does, and formally surrenders to the D'darys, saying he will continue to move until zeroed, if it'll stop attacks on his clan. †Archangel is good to his word, dropping from 44000 pints to just over 13000 pints and falling into shadows again, ending the conflict.
  • March 21st - The D'dary house zero the vampire Jesus from just over 2000 pints, to celebrate Easter.
  • April 1st - Attacked †kaio999 on April Fools' Day, saying that because of the day in question "fools needed to be recognized." Sartori had on the morning of this day told kaio that no attacks would come if he willingly nailed himself to a cross. He refused. †ayla myst and her line, in addition to †ladypeacek and her line, came to Kaio's aid but fell quickly.
  • April 10th - †kaio999 is zeroed. Aside from his sire, his remaining supporters have either been zeroed or are hiding in shadows.
  • April 15th - kaio's sire †ladypeacek is zeroed, ending the D'dary's conflict with her lineage.
  • April 22nd - Once she emerges from shadows, the D'dary continue to attack †ayla myst's lineage for aiding †ladypeacek. †Maddy DeCartha of the Mysts challenges †Elektra of D'dary to a duel. She loses nearly half of her blood, but gains respect from the D'dary. Days later, she severs from the Myst lineage.
  • April 29th - Elektra and MiaRaeLyn live-fight †Dark Q Damon of the Mysts from 15,000 pints to just over 11,000.
  • May 4th - ayla myst rises from her shadows and strikes several D'dary members. That night Sartori engages her in a live battle, landing 7 holywaters to 1, leaving her blood at 1451. She is zeroed the afternoon of the 5th.
  • May 24th - RemipunX is removed from the D'dary house after it's become apparant that she'd passed info to King Lestat, second in command of the Scions of the Phoenix.
  • May 30th - Pre emptive attack launched against the Scions of the Phoenix. Intel the D'dary house had received from within the Scions suggested they planned to attack Sartori. They denied this despite proof being available. Lestat was the first to fall during this strike.
  • June 1st - The D'dary house make public the Scions' earlier plots to attack Sartori, and the Hall of Rogues, allies of the Scions, refuse to join the fight.
  • June 5th - †Frozen Nova and Shina are zeroed by the D'dary house as part of the D'dary vs Scions conflict.
  • June 6th - Sartori robs 175301 coins from Ivelios as she attempts to give coins to †Green Mayo, of the Scions.
  • June 9th - Conflict still going strong, †Sheyrena goes live alone against Mur, Kiya N, Jaida, Inu, Green Mayo, Evetsevoli, EmpressLizard and †deaths embrace of the Scions, landing a total of 16 shots against the targets and taking two, both from Green Mayo. Jaida of the Scions is zeroed by the D'dary house after this fight, and MavericksChild is zeroed later this night, the first casualty on the D'dary side.
  • June 10th - †Inu and †Daly of the Scion side fall to 0. Inu goes live as the scrolls of turning began hitting her, fighting with the last of her energy before falling. The D'dary line recognise her as being the hardest fighting warrior the Scions had fighting for them so far.
  • June 11th - 1379 pints remain in Mur of the Scions, but she's forced from the battle after being jailed by †RavenBlack. †Idony of the D'dary side falls before the Scions.
  • June 12th - †TheEnchanter of the Scions side is zeroed by the D'dary house. Later that night Green Mayo visits a necromancer and goes from 3235 pints to 7235, and goes live with †Andre of the D'dary house. He is zeroed before sunrise.
  • June 13th - †Katastrophe of the Scion side is scrolled to 0 by Andre of the D'dary house. Murrz Ramirez, Scions leader, also falls this night.
  • June 14th - deaths embrace of the Scions is zeroed by the D'dary house, like Inu, deaths embrace goes down fighting and is also honored by the D'dary house as being a true warrior worthy of respect.
  • June 18th - 11 of the 13 surviving Scions have been in shadows since the 15th. Sartori and †King Lestat begin discussing terms of the Scions surrender.
  • June 19th - †RemipunX is zeroed by King Lestat as part of the Scions' surrender. D'dary / Scion war effectively ends.
  • June 28th - The D'dary house sever ties from, and attack †Ace accusing him of spying for King Lestat of the Scions. He's zeroed on the 30th following a live conflict with †Deylin, his last words beforehand being a telepathic message to Sartori stating - "I'm siiiingin in the rain, just siiiingin in the rain."
  • September 30th - Sartori is smote by the gods. He returns to the city briefly to sever his sire, †On-da-g, then returns to the grave for the second time.
  • October - †Andre, who was at the time the heir apparent to the House, severs Sartori and leaves the D'dary, causing a rift in the lineage.


  • January 2009 until January 2010 - Tumbleweeds are sighted rolling around the House of D'dary.


  • January - †Sheyrena is sighted reopening the house...
  • February - †Sartori returns from dead and buried for the second time.
  • March - The D'dary Manor is re-opened to house the newer members of the growing lineage. The House of D'dary becomes the home of those who have earned the name, while the Manor holds others in the lineage wishing to earn it.
  • March 14 - D'dary attacks †spookie for repeated insults on the Bite. She hides in shadows as a result.
  • March 19 - †Annabelle binds into the line as Sartori's childe, reestablishing the D'dary / Adaire alliance that had split when Sartori and Annabelle severed their former sire †On-da-g.
  • March 21 - Hells Angels continue attacks on †Deylin after he is sired into the line through †persephone. Rather than attacking back, †Sartori, †Sheyrena and †persephone summon †Deylin around the city so that he can attack HA without being hit in return.
  • March 23 - †Sheyrena zeroes †Daman for calling himself a D'dary.
  • April 21 - †Penny of the Descending Angels, a freelance mercenary group, insults †Sheyrena in the newspapers. †Sheyrena attacks Penny, and †Moirai sees this as an attack on his clan, retaliating in force.
  • April 22 - †Sheyrena, †Sartori, †Schiavona and †Xaxxa catch the DA live. They drop †Moirai from 4500 pints to 2000, and the rest of the targets freeze at their appearance. Later that night, D'dary zeroes †Abel Novek.
  • April 25 - Penny is zeroed in the D'dary vs. DA conflict.
  • April 27 - †Kenosha_Vamp of DA is zeroed in the conflict.
  • April 29 - †-Tatyn- of DA is zeroed from over 4000 pints in a requested live battle. She is honored by the D'dary as a great fighter. †The Hegemon also joins the fray on the DA side. The D'dary drop him live from 15000 pints to just over 6000 in one night. His only response was a shouted "lol".
  • May 1 - Hells Angels finally emerge from the shadows they've been in since †Deylin's attacks. HA attacks the remaining Descending Angels, and D'dary stops hitting to watch.
  • May 15 - †Baron VonBlack is zeroed for threatening †Sartori and †Elektra.
  • July 29 - The Descending Angels accept a contract on †Kaotic.
  • August 1 - †Toki, †Drella and †Naimira-sama zero †Aislinn_Isolde of DA, and hold her there over the ensuing war.
  • August 5 - †Kenosha_Vamp and †Deylin (now of DA) are both zeroed. Deylin leaves DA, and Kenosha is rezeroed several times throughout the ensuing fight.
  • August 7 - †virgo_shelly of DA is zeroed.
  • August 11 - †Toki zeroes †-Tatyn- of DA.
  • August 13 - During a live brawl between DA and D'dary, †Etienne of DA is dropped from 2600 to around 900 pints. Shortly thereafter he is zeroed by †Irk. †Abel Novek is also killed by the D'dary that night.
  • August 19 - †The Hegemon of DA is zeroed.
  • August 22 (approx) - †Tifereth D'dary faces †femme fatale in a duel, landing 11 holy waters to femme's 1 holy water and 1 single garlic spray.
  • August 26 - †Driretlanish of DA is zeroed.
  • September 2 - †femme fatale of DA is zeroed.
  • September 8 - †Kaotic is zeroed by DA and friends. One of their aides turns out to be a minion of †kaio999]. The D'dary continue to attack DA and kaio as well now. Kaio falls into shadows, and the DA stop returning fire. The battle eventually peters out.
  • September - Sartori and Rena fall into shadows.
  • November 12 - †Samantha Dawn and †Lord Galamushi attack †Reyna. †Tifereth and †Icsis of Exuma organize the return fire for D'dary, since Sartori and Rena are still MIA.
  • November 14 - †Lord Galamushi is zeroed by the D'dary.
  • November 16 - †Samantha Dawn is zeroed by the D'dary. Both she and Galamushi continue to hit for the remainder of November, with the D'dary rezeroing them regularly, until the fight peters out when Samantha and Galamushi seem to grow bored.
  • December 5 - Sartori awakes at the same time Capadocious does, and a group of the D'dary lineage joins Capadocian Legacy with him.
  • December 11 - Yggdrasil and RoR declare war on Capadocious Legacy. The clanned D'dary join the fray and quickly begin living up to their reputation of being the best fighters on the field.
  • December 12 - †Reyna was the first of the lineage to fall in the Yggdrasil/Legacy war, at 900 points.
  • December 22 - †Irk falls next.
  • December 29 - †Louvain is the third to fall, live against Yggdrasil.
  • December 31 - †King Lestat falls after Louvain, the two being quite the tag team of annoyance for their opponents.


  • January 1 - †Jaenelle is brought to zero
  • January 4 - †Tifereth and †KIIA are scrolled to zero in their sleep.
  • January 5 - Sartori pulls the D'dary from the conflict and the clan for leadership differences, primarily Capadocious' attempt to dictate who would lead the D'dary in his absence.
  • March 20 - †Malone strikes †Tifereth and threatens †Reyna. The awake members of D'dary retaliate. †Damacus and other members of the Cuan/Dumont lineage join the fight.
  • March 23 - The entire Cuan line jumps into the fight.
  • March 24 - To spare their family members, Tifereth and Reyna agree to duel Malone and Damacus in a 2-on-2. Tifereth loses to Damacus, 7-17. She then falls asleep, and King Lestat takes her place in the remaining duel. Reyna beats Malone 14-12 and King Lestat beats him 17-10.
  • Spring 2011 - In Sartori and Rena's prolonged absence, Tifereth assumes the position of acting D'dary leader.
  • March 2011 - November 2012, more tumbleweeds about the Manor...


  • December 12 - †Sweetheart mouths off to an Elder, †Rawnie.  Rawnie's family start hitting the fledging.  †Tiergan, claims her as his protege and says that he'll personally zero anyone who hits the fledge. †Tifereth, †Drella, †Decora and †Reyna, not ones to decline a challenge, attack and zero 2500 BP fledging, Sweetheart, in the course of a week as soon as the fledging leaves shadows to Sire under †Tiergan.
  • December 13 - †Tiergan sires †Sweetheart, his protege. He, †Gypsy and other members of the de Boullion lineage vow to avenge her death.
  • December 17 - Rena and Sartori awaken to their house being scrolled by †Gypsy, and they join the fight. †black_dragonet of de Boullion (a.k.a. Chicken Broth) proposes a 5-on-5 duel to settle the matter, Tifereth and the original attackers versus whatever 5 people he selects. Tifereth declines.
  • December 18 - †black_dragonet declares war upon the D'dary (otherwise known at this point as the "9 vs. 9 War" or "baseball game"), because he states his disagreement with her teaching lessons to others' fledgelings.
  • December 21 - †Acer Kygnosti contacts the D'dary to withdraw from the war. His request is denied, and he falls into shadows for the duration.
  • December 24-26 - The two factions agree to a "Christmas Ceasefire."
  • December 29 - †Eliza Kygnosti begins siring new family members, who immediately join in the fight as well.
  • December 30 - †Inu jumps into the fight to help her husband †Liander's family.
  • December 31 - †King Lestat and †Mephisophlese begin to play blood potion limbo, invented by Lestat. Lestat was scrolled down to 370 pints before he drank a blood potion. Mephistophlese eventually, after several tries, made it down to 244 before potioning up.


  • January 1 - †Majica, †Lord Galamushi and †Kali jump into the fight as well, after Kali is severed by †KIIA for insulting the D'dary.
  • January 2 - King Lestat and †Reyna catch †Eliza Kygnosti, †Zannah and †Cain Lancaster live, dropping them by a combined total of 5000 blood points in one short brawl.
  • January 3 - †Amarande jumps into the fight, attacking Lestat's childe †Nahm. Less than twelve hours later, King Lestat, †Sheyrena, †Lyric and †Louvain drop her from 3408 pints to 0 in a single five-minute fight. They honor her as a promising fighter, and the first casualty of this war.
  • January 4 - †Inu and †Liander go down swinging in a live fight against the D'dary. They too are honored as warriors.
  • January 5 - †AstaTheScourge joins the de Boullion's side of the fight, seeking revenge upon †Sartori for abandoning †Capadocious during the Legacy war. †Tiergan returns from a week and a half's rest to fight a group of D'dary live, and doles out some major damage.
  • January 6 - †Suspencer falls to the D'dary, also in a live battle.
  • January 8 - †Lannair and the Cuan lineage, along with a handful of random Dumont members, join the battle alongside the D'dary. While the Cuans are in the middle of scrolling †black_dragonet, †AstaTheScourge goes live. Several D'dary and Cuan members chase her across the city, zeroing her along the way. In the meantime, dragonet takes a blood potion, only to be brought back to 700 pints in the same night. His blood before the fight was over 86,000 pints.
  • January 8 - †Gypsy is also zeroed that night in a live battle with the D'dary and Cuan lines. †Vermathrax-rex attempts to take the kill by her request. But he appears to stake her at the exact same moment as †Drella of the D'dary and †Moon_Shadow of the Dumont, leaving it uncertain which of the three claimed her final shot.
  • January 9 - †black_dragonet requests a live duel with †Moon_Shadow, not wishing to be killed by the D'darys. Moon and Lestat agree to this, and Moon zeros him the rest of the way from 700.
  • January 9 - †King Lestat takes possession of black dragonet's Sword of Truth and claims it for the D'dary family.
  • January 9 - †Mephistophlese requests a fight with the D'dary, because he does not want to fall to the Cuans. †Penny spots him live anyway, and a few Cuans jump in before Lestat claims his killshot.
  • January 9 - †evilive_inc sires Sartori, uniting his bloodline and the D'dary.
  • January 10 - In lieu of their recent and repeated absence, Sartori and Sheyrena pass the full powers of D'dary leadership to Sheyrena's childe, †Tifereth.
  • January 12 - †Tiergan and †Eliza Kygnosti, the last remaining fighters of the Chicken Broth, are zeroed, effectively ending the war with the D'dary as victors.
  • January 20 - †King Lestat forges the D'dary rings for himself and the bloodline members at the time, †Tifereth, †Louvain, †Sartori, †Sheyrena, †Lyric, †Drella, †Orgasmerilla, †Reyna, †Jaida, †Marlo, †Decora, †Nahm, †KIIA and †Fable. Two additional honorary rings were cast for their steadfast friends during the Chicken Broth war, †Valens and †Lannair Cuan.
  • Spring - Rumours fly about pending war, but the city remains depressingly silent on that front.
  • April 25 - Upon hearing the news that the old city standard newspaper, the Ravenblack Bite, was closing its doors, †King Lestat of D'dary and †Andre of dubious allegiance jointly open a new paper, the Ravenblack Times.
  • May 13 - †ophelia catches †Liski of The Ferrymen spying on her own clan, Yggdrasil. She announces imminent plans to attack †Liski on the Times. Meanwhile, †Tifereth enters private discussions on behalf of the House of D'dary to offer †ophelia aid if they decide to attack this spy.
  • Summer - Aside from an increase in rumours and paranoia, it starts to look as though nothing may be done about this whole spy incident after all.
  • August 17 - Yggdrasil, the Republic of Ravenblack and some affiliated St. John bloodline members finally make good on their promise to attack †Liski. They drop her by 7000 pints, and she promptly hides in shadows.
  • September 1 - The Ferrymen finally leave shadows to return fire against †ophelia and her alliance. Select members of the Dumont family hit with them.
  • September 5 - D'dary officially join the frey, after †Ace and †Moon_Shadow start hitting, making it clear that the Dumonts are backing their allies, the Ferrymen. †Andre, formerly of the D'dary and now a childe of †ophelia, signs on to hit with his old family once more, along with his childe †Dahlia-, after making peace with †Tifereth over his severance years earlier.
  • September 7 - The D'dary's first night on the field alongside Yggdrasil and the Republic of Ravenblack (henceforth known as RoY), the smaller bloodline interrupts †Damacus and his girls on their run against †Gypsy. D'dary cut †Ebony Moon and †xxsacrificexx's BPs in half. They also land hits on Damacus before he runs from the battlefield, as well as †virgo shelly, †Sylver and †Bailee Novek (who froze up), and †Liski, †Drakhaon and †Aural duex of the Ferrymen. †Orgasmerilla of the D'dary was also hit significantly, taken from 11,787 pints to 4,950, but overall the Ferrymen and Dumonts (known in this war as the Fairymonts) lost 93,000 pints in 10 minutes (about 4x what the D'dary lost and 2x what the RoYD alliance as a whole lost).
  • September 8 - D'dary inflict 42,000 pints in damage within minutes against Fairymont forces, taking 14,000 in damage themselves. †Moon_Shadow is spotted out of shadows for the first time during the war.
  • September 10 - D'dary make their first (and arguably only major) mistake during this war. †Moon_Shadow ran early with a small force to wave-hit the RoY attackers, and the D'dary move on them in force. Once the D'dary were out of energy, the larger Fairymont wave attacked, nearly zeroing †Reyna and †Orgasmerilla. Were it not for the timely intervention of RoY, those two D'dary would have fallen. That night, †Reyna also claimed the title of Limbo Champion from the former record-holder †Mephistophlese, when she drank a blood potion at 221 pints.
  • September 11 - The Fairymont try to repeat their feint from the night before, sending a smaller group in first while the main force waited for the D'dary to move. But this time the D'dary send in †King Lestat solo against the Fairymont probe. When the Fairymont's larger force moved to ambush him, the rest of the D'dary ambushed their ambush, dealing out almost four times as much damage as they took, and halving †Damacus in the process.
  • September 12 - †Inu of Dumont leads the D'dary on a chase through the city as she attempts to necro from very low blood. †Jaida of D'dary lands a spectacular displacement on her within a shop, but before D'dary can reach her, Inu's sire †CT Serafini (a supposedly neutral party in this war) gets her to a shop on time for a 5,000-pint necro.
  • September 13 - Andre's childe †Dahlia-, who began the war as the smallest combatant at 3358 pints, is taken down to 573 pints. She does her first limbo, is dropped back to 1030 pints, and abandoned by Fairymont as too difficult to take down.
  • September 14 - †Ace appears on the field for the first time in weeks to lead a wave against RoY. He orders the Dumont to ignore the D'dary live fighters ambushing them, allowing D'dary to inflict 12,000 pints in damage with little to no retribution.
  • September 15 - †Rienhardt of the Fairymont is zeroed by D'dary (with a scrolling assist from RoY) after bravely jumping in live to defend †Caden Cuan.
  • September 19 - †Moirai of Fairymont is shadow-scrolled to zero by RoY.
  • September 21 - †Vermathrax-rex attempted to go live with D'dary forces, and is taken to zero from 21,021 pints, with some scrolling and stake assists from RoY at the tail end. †Reyna of D'dary is felled later in the evening, as the D'dary did not have the energy left to defend her live. This is later discovered to have been a suicide, which the D'dary greatly disapprove of.
  • September 22 - †Vera appears on the field as a succour point for †Daly. D'dary quarter her blood from 24,086 to 6,979 pints in 10 minutes.
  • September 23 - †Dea di Luna of RoY commits suicide via †Daly, walking to her death. †Tarquin of Fairymont is zeroed by RoYD without retaliation. †Soledad attempts to go live against Tifereth, Louvain and Lestat of D'dary. She is cut in half. Daly of Fairymont is also zeroed later that evening.
  • September 25 - †Katastrophe of RoY suicides and goes dead and buried.
  • September 26 - †kidz pops out of shadows for the first time in weeks, and is zeroed by RoYD. Dahlia- gets her first stake on him.
  • September 27 - RoYD shadow-scroll Inu to death from 2,200 pints. †Etienne and †Valerie of Inu's family, the Ailios, go out in kamikaze live fights against D'dary, with killshots by Louvain and Dahlia-. Ailios announce their intent to withdraw from the war after the rest of their live-fighters fall to zero.
  • September 28 - D'dary zero †Sitrence of Ailios from 7,000 pints. Killshot by Andre. †Saressa of Ailios goes live with D'dary as well as †Vex and †Deathsadvent of RoY. She is taken to zero, killshot by Vex. †Caden Cuan also goes live with RoYD forces, and Penny takes her stake. Later that evening, Sanguine Ankh zero †Marlo, opehlia's childe, who had withdrawn from the war previously. After a conversation with †nitenurse, Sanguine Ankh withdraw from the war as well.
  • September 29 - †Scotlyn Cuan requests a live fight with Lestat. They go 9-3 (in Lestat's favor), and D'dary and RoY finish her off.
  • September 30 - †Jaida of D'dary is zeroed live, forcing her attackers to necro 4,000 pints each before they can return to the frey. †Liander of Fairymont is also zeroed live by RoYD forces.
  • October 1 - Fairymont show up to scroll Dahlia-. Lestat attacks solo, and their whole wave retreats.
  • October 3 - †Rile of Fairymont is zeroed. Later, Lestat and Drella ambush a Ferrymen wave led by Liski, unhit except for by displacements. †Soledad later requests to go out live, dancing with Drella and Tifereth until she runs out of energy. †Carpathia of RoY takes her stake.
  • October 4 - †Solanea is zeroed by RoY forces as the Fairymont try to attack Dahlia-. They fail to zero her again.
  • October 5 - †xxsacrificexx is zeroed by RoYD forces. †Vermathrax-rex returns to the field after torpor, but fails to necro, and is staked a second time.
  • October 6 - †Mycah is zeroed from 7,000 pints after an ill-timed telepathic message to Lestat brought him out of the shadows he'd been hiding in. Later that night, †Drakhaon of the Ferrymen is zeroed after a series of live and scroll-fights. Per her request, †shining1 of RoY took her stake.
  • October 7 - †Shaarinya of Fairymont peeks out of shadows at 2,300 pints, only to be summarily zeroed.
  • October 10 - Sartori, after sitting in Ace's House of Dumont all evening with no retaliation from the shadowed General, decides to throw a house party. Lestat and Sheyrena join him, and take a lot of pictures.
  • October 11 - †Malkavian of Fairymont is zeroed live, with Lestat taking the stake. Later that evening, Reyna of D'dary returns from torpor to sever herself from the lineage without warning.
  • October 10-20 - D'dary continue to throw nightly house parties in the House of Dumont, before moving on to extend their parties to the Ferrymen's River Passage property and Liski's Ixora Estate.
  • October 18 - †Vermathrax-rex breaks torpor to attack ophelia. When asked about this, he states that the RoY/D'dary forces will have to keep him down if they want him out of the fight.
  • October 19 - Reyna, formerly of D'dary, goes dead and buried.
  • October 20 - D'dary, having a long-standing affiliation as a non-resting House, who normally only rest in war out of respect for their opponents (usually resters), announce that they will no longer observe torpor, since the Fairymonts allowed Vermathrax to break their own resting rules, rules the D'dary have never believed in. Later that evening, Sheyrena of D'dary is taken to zero by Rienhardt, following a battle in the Ixora Estate. Liski appears to be the only one of the Fairymont who cares when the D'dary deface her property, which of course leads to most of the rest of the war being spent napping/killing things on her porch. †Drakhaon of Ferrymen is re-staked this evening after her torpor ends, and †Damacus finally shows up to fight again, falling to the D'dary with a killshot by Lestat. As if all this wasn't bad enough for the Fairymont, sometime that night, †Valens mentioned that †liquid-vamp of the Ferrymen was at Kraken and 7th. Recognizing this location as a bank and assuming she was about to necro, Andre intercepted her there to steal 95,800 coins. He then displaced her, and the rest of the D'dary continued to rob her blind, resulting in an end gain of 147,000 coin for the D'dary.
  • October 21 - Sheyrena demonstrates the definition of not resting, after regaining 200 pints on a hunter and rejoining the frey. Much whining ensues. Andre of D'dary is zeroed later that evening as well, and pops back up to hit again within hours. Rena and Andre begin a competition to see who can get staked the most. †Ebony Moon is zeroed by D'dary also, jointly staked by Andre and Drella. †virgo_shelly is zeroed with a killshot by †ophelia.
  • October 22-23 - Lestat, Drella and Tifereth join Andre and Rena in the get-staked competition. Meanwhile, †Rienhardt is killed again by Penny, †Occamrazor is zeroed with a killshot by Deylin and †virgo_shelly is killed by ophelia.
  • October 23-27 - D'dary continue to play killshot roulette. By now, Andre and Drella are averaging 5-minute turnaround times from 0 to killing things again.
  • October 27 - After a few more days of gate-crashing the Ixora estate, RoY forces wake up in the wee hours of the morning. Lestat of D'dary leads them in a surprise shadow-scrolling atttack to take †Liski to zero. Later that evening, †Hells Gate surrenders on behalf of the whole Fairymont alliance (though it takes him a couple tries to spit the words out).
  • November 2 - Tifereth kidnaps Inu (literally), allying the Ailios lineage to the D'dary. In turn, Inu steals the Cuan twins †Caden and †Scotlyn from Damacus.
  • November 3 - With the war over, Ace of Dumont appears to believe it's safe to pop out of shadows. The D'dary attack him on sight, soon joined by the Ailios team.
  • November 4 - Sheyrena is staked by Ace, thus winning the staking competition she and Andre had going. The final tally was 5 stakes for her and 4 for Andre.
  • November 5 - D'dary and Ailios forces zero Ace. †Frozen Nova of the Ailios takes the killshot.
  • November 12 - Sheyrena sires Andre, and he officially rejoins the D'dary fold. That same evening, Sartori also resires †Deylin, formerly of Dumont. Later that month, Sartori also kidnaps †Rodargo, formerly of Dumont.
  • November - Lestat joins Yggdrasil. This causes turmoil, because the other D'dary believe it will split his loyalties. Full members of the House must swear fealty to D'dary first, and all other groups second. The D'dary hold a meeting with Lestat and inform him that he must choose: bloodline or clan. Lestat chooses to remain in Yggdrasil, and he is removed from the House of D'dary.


The House of D'dary is ominously silent.


  • January 20 - Decora severs Tifereth as her sire, Jaenelle as her partner, and leaves D'dary.
  • January 22 - House of D'dary zeroes †Malijirix for insulting the memory of †Soledad, a former bloodline member who went dead and buried.
  • January 24 - Drella sires †Seyda, weirding out most of the city, both parties' own lineages included.
  • February 14 - The D'dary attack †Fen Reiss for calling them St Johns. When Fen hides in shadows, they attack Fen's sire, †Gir as well.
  • March 10 - Sheyrena sires †Ephiny.
  • March 25 - Tifereth sires †Vex
  • April 22 - D'dary attack †Jauk for holy watering Tifereth's childe †Magwayen. She hides in shadows for the next 4 months.
  • June 27 - D'dary attack †Prowler for holy watering their member, †Liander. He hides in shadows.
  • July 12 - House of D'dary zero †Drayden for cheating on †Tarin of D'dary. They also zero †Anders for sleeping with Drayden.
  • July 20 - †Deylin, †Sartori's childe and at the time a member of the Republic of Ravenblack, is caught sneaking into a Republic conference while disguised as †Anima, another member. †nitenurse negotiates with †Tifereth to halve Deylin's blood as punishment for spying.
  • July 20 - Leaders of the Republic come to hit Deylin for his transgression. Deylin goes live and deals out serious damage to all four of their leaders while he's bled.
  • July 21 - †nitenurse confronts †Tifereth about Deylin fighting back during the halving. Tifereth points out that nitenurse never asked him to walk for them or not return fire, only that he agreed to take the hits. nitenurse and co. decide to zero Deylin instead, and continue hitting him.
  • July 21 - The House of D'dary do not take kindly to their agreement being broken, and late that evening, they declare war on the Republic of RavenBlack, striking 6 of their members.
  • July 26 - The House of D'dary bring †Anima to zero, making her the first member of the Republic of Ravenblack in history to be zeroed in battle. †Rodargo of D'dary takes the stake.
  • July 26 - †Vex, formerly of the Republic of Ravenblack, childe of Tifereth and now warring alongside the D'dary, summons his shadowed partner †melanctha, second-in-command of the Republic, to †Andre's Crypt, where D'dary members UV grenade her repeatedly until she is zeroed. Vex throws the final grenade against her. This marks the first recorded zero via grenade in city history.
  • July 29 - D'dary scroll †Delphine, who has been fighting alongside the Republic, to zero. †Dahlia- of D'dary takes the killshot.
  • July 29 - †Xedanis of the Republic falls in a live battle to the House of D'dary, after attempting to intervene in Delphine's zeroing. He attempts to necro after Delphine's fall, but †Andre of D'dary catches him live in the potion shop and displaces him. †Tarin of D'dary takes the stake.
  • July 30 - †nitenurse approaches †Tifereth, †Drella, and †Andre of the D'dary to surrender.
  • July 31 - The Republic of Ravenblack publicly announce their surrender in the Dead City News.
  • August 1 - As part of the surrender agreement, †Drella of D'dary duels †nitenurse of the Republic to zero. †LadyFae also walks to a zero for members of D'dary, with †Rodargo taking her stake.
  • August 2 - †Moon Girl of the Republic duels †Vex, representing D'dary, to zero. †Decora of the Republic also duels †Liander, and then walks to her zero.


  • January 8 - The House of D'dary publicly launch the Supreme Court, a new legal system for RavenBlack City designed to try and punish offenders in the city.
  • January 8 - †Ikunnaprinsess is the first person put on trial for "Apathy, wanton endangerment of the young, and an attitude she hasn't earned." She immediately pleads guilty.
  • January 11 - Judge Tifereth sentences Ikunnaprinsess to a full zeroing.
  • January 19 - †Gir is put on trial for "Apathy, fickle disregard for bonds, and an unearned disdainful attitude."
  • January 19 - Ikunnaprinsess walks to her zeroing in accordance with her sentence.
  • January 22 - †King Lestat is put on trial for "Disloyalty, chronic lying, being a serial cheater, being a fraud, and having really bad breath."
  • January 22 - †Valens is zeroed by the House of D'dary for fighting back against the Court's charges on Ikunnaprinsess.
  • January 24 - The jury finds Gir not guilty of two of her three charges, only guilty of apathy. Judge Tifereth sentences her to public shaming, but no corporal punishment.
  • January 25 - The jury finds Lestat guilty on all counts aside from bad breath. Judge Tifereth sentences him to a full zero.
  • January 26 - †blackthorn2012 is put on trial for "Bloodlust, complacency in sheer mediocrity, shagging."
  • January 27 - Sartori and the D'dary summon Lestat to zero while in shadows, in accordance with his sentencing. Several other members of the community and jurors join in to hit as well.
  • February 1 - The jury find blackthorn2012 not guilty of bloodlust or shagging, but guilty of complacency. Judge Tifereth sentences him to a halving, carried out by the House of D'dary.
  • February 2 - †Ryukotsusei is put on trial for "Failure to actively contribute to the community, fickle disregard for bonds, shagging."
  • February 8 - The jury find Ryukotsusei guilty, and Judge Tifereth sentences him to a full zero.
  • February 10 - Ryukotsusei is zeroed in accordance with his sentence.
  • February 10 - the Supreme Court updates its bylaws to be more specific, going with a Seven Deadly Sins theme.
  • February 10 - †Deylin of D'dary is put on trial for "Gluttony, Sloth, Greed, Envy, Lust, Wrath, Pride. Oh, and bad shoes."
  • February 22 - The jury find Deylin guilty of 5/7 of his crimes, and Judge Tifereth sentences him to lose 72% of his blood.
  • February 28 - Members of the court and jury finish taking 72% of Deylin's blood in accordance with his sentence.
  • March 9 - †ophelia is placed on trial for "Gluttony, Sloth, Greed, Envy, Lust, Wrath, Pride."
  • March 11 - The Alliance, made up of the Republic of Ravenblack, Ferrymen, Agrippa, The Order of the Serpent, The Sanguine Ankh, de Bouillon and assorted other hangers-on attack the House of D'dary over their dislike of the Supreme Court.
  • March 11 - †Deylin, †Rhet, †Liander, †Sitrence, †Inu and †Ezra of the House of D'dary are zeroed in the initial attacks on D'dary.
  • March 12 - †Edan and †Tifereth of D'dary are zeroed as well.
  • December 15 - †Anders hits †IceBaby, dropping her from 4294967293 pints to 4294365045 (602248 pints of damage). This is the most damage ever done by a single Vial of Holy Water. Later, †CatGirl is discovered to have the same initial amount of blood as IceBaby, and †Ephiny hits, tying with Anders for most damage ever done with a single vial.
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