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DOA Castle



Founded on: January 2007
Current members:-
Opened to Public: February 2007, April 2010
Status: Closed
Alignment: Evil



"Founded in early January of 2007, DOA is a clan of history and traditions. Even though DOA may have been silent for a few years we wish for you to make no mistake, Born of old Capadocian teaching’s, DOA houses some of the most experienced and effectively deadly warriors to be known in this city. With our stealth tactics, sound training, and unfaltering resolve to be the very best, we shall strike fear into the unbeating hearts of our enemies. DOA is loyal and we protect our own, we fight to the death for family and clan. We put more value on family and clan, as well as honor and respect than we do on blood points. This is a Clan of Honor, Loyalty, and Dedication. We are family and clan mates that fight to the very last of our being every time we go to battle and never leave anyone behind." -- Laurelgwynn


  • January 2007 - †Demonic_Diati left Clan Capadocious.
  • DOA closes its doors near the end of The Farce War.
  • April 2010 - DOA reopens.
  • November 2010 - DOA closes again after members join The Legacy
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