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The dreaded dungeons of RavenBlack Castle.

Deleted for cheating (also referred to as being in jail) is a special state that indicates that a vampire has been locked out from the game by Raven Black for some breach of the game rules.



It is an indefinite suspension of the vampire, rather than total deletion (like when Deleted For Inactivity).

The player will no longer be able to log in. A non-donating vampire will therefore eventually be Deleted For Inactivity unless the state is lifted.

When someone uses Second Sight to inspect the vampire, the text "This vampire is in jail (deleted for cheating.)" will be seen among the info. In this respect it is similar to the Dead and Buried state, but obviously with more negative connotations.

The in-game message seen via Second Sight


The reason behind the state is that Raven Black has found that the player has broken the rules of the game, for example through cloning, hacking attempts, or some other violation of the Terms of Service. [1]


The state is put into place by Raven Black, and you must e-mail him and request for it to be removed. You will be required to pay an extra fee in credits (real money) that will be higher for repeat offenders. The vampire may also be stripped of some or all powers, coins, items and/or blood, especially if they are in some way ill-gotten goods. [2]

Roleplaying aspects

While the actual reason for it is an issue between the player and the game host Raven Black, the state can be weaved into the roleplaying among remaining players. The description This vampire is in jail can then be read as a vampire being imprisoned in the RavenBlack City jail by the ruler †RavenBlack.

Wiki vampbox

This vampire has been jailed by RavenBlack.

The vampbox {{Jailed}} (shown to the right) can be used on character pages. Currently imprisoned vampires are found in [[Category:Jailed]].


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