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A vampire will get Deleted For Inactivity after three weeks of inactivity unless the player has donated.


Definition of Inactivity

Inactivity can be defined as not spending Action Points. It therefore coincides with being in the Lost In Shadow state.

Note that logging in does not in itself count as activity, if no AP are spent.

Type of deletion

Unlike when Deleted For Cheating, a vampire that is Deleted For Inactivity is completely erased from the game. The deletion is irreversible.[1]

The name is thereby released, and any player can sign up a new vampire with it.

How to avoid

Log in and use an AP (for example by moving) within three weeks after the last time you spent an AP.

A player can also donate, which among other things makes their vampire immune to being Deleted For Inactivity.[2]

In-character description

The connection to the Lost In Shadow state has resulted in the in-character term "succumb to the shadows" to describe deletion for inactivity. The deleted vampire has "been in the shadows for too long".


It can be assumed that the non-donating player has lost interest in the game if he or she hasn't played for three weeks. Purging their vampires does free some server space, but perhaps most importantly it counters the shrinking of available vampire namespace.


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