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Developing Suggestions

This section is for presenting and reviewing suggestions which have not yet been submitted and are still being worked on.

Nothing on this page will be archived.

Further Discussion

  • Discussion concerning this page takes place here.
  • Discussion concerning the suggestions system in general, including policies about it, takes place here.

Please Read Before Posting

  • Be sure to check The Frequently Suggested List and the Suggestions Dos and Do Nots before you post your idea. You can read about many ideas that have been suggested already, which users should be aware of before posting what could be a dupe: a duplicate of an existing suggestion.
  • Users should be aware that page is discussion oriented. Other users are free to express their own point of view and are not required to be neutral.
  • If you decide not to take your suggestion to voting, please remove it from this page to avoid clutter.
  • It is recommended that users spend some time familiarizing themselves with this page before posting their own suggestions.
  • After new game updates, users are requested to allow time for the game and community to adjust to these changes before suggesting alterations.

How To Make a Suggestion

Adding a New Suggestion

  • Paste the copied text above the other suggestions, right under the heading.
  • Substitute the text in RED CAPITALS with the details of your suggestion.
  • Name - Give the suggestion a short but descriptive name.
  • Type is the nature of the suggestion, such as a new class, skill change, balance change, etc. Basically: What is it? and Is it new, or a change?
  • Scope is who or what the suggestion affects. Typically Vampires or Humans (or both), but occasionally Ravanbladk City, the game interface or something else.
  • Description should be a full explanation of your suggestion. Include information like flavor text, search odds, hit percentages, etc, as appropriate. Unless you are as yet unsure of the exact details behind the suggestion, try not to leave out anything important. Check your spelling and grammar.


Please add new suggestions to the top of the list


Book of Dimensions

Timestamp: deCarnacT·C 12:04, 10 April 2012 (CEST)
Type: Item (passive effect)
Scope: Player's movement in RavenBlack City
Description: The owner of the Book of Dimensions will percieve the city as having no City Limits, where the north edge connects seamlessly with the south, and the west edge with the east. When standing at the north map edge, he or she will be able see and move to and from 100th street. When standing at the west edge, moving to and from Zestless street will be possible.

In principle, owning the Book will make the flat square city turn into a torus-shaped world (just like in Asteroids) — finite yet limitless. The game coordinate system (x,y) = ([0 199],[0 199]) will become modular so that 199 + 1 = 0 and 0 - 1 = 199. To non-owners, the city remains as normal.

Impact: Book owners will have brand new travel opportunities. To them the city outskirts will have added value, since they effectively become closer to the opposite city edge than to the city centre.

Discussion (Book of Dimensions)

This suggestion was conceived in the sugar rush caused by eating lots of easter candy. --deCarnacT·C 12:04, 10 April 2012 (CEST)


Timestamp: Jauk 23:56, 19 March 2011 (CET)
Type: Power (Gives you the ability to mark another player)
Scope: Player vs Player
Description: After you make an attack on another vampire with any weapon you must use your NEXT turn to mark them. I would say a weapon is any ITEM that removes blood points. Placing a mark on this target will give you the advantage of being alerted when they are eligible for attack again. You can only mark one vampire at a time, marking another vampire voids your previous mark. The alert would come to you the same way a "News" update comes to you at the top of your screen when you log in stating something along the lines of: The vampire XXX is now eligible for attack again. Marking uses 5aps each use once the power is acquired from a guild.

Discussion (Bloodstain)

In-Game Pharmacy


Timestamp: Jauk 23:33, 19 March 2011 (CET)
Type: Building (Pub-like)
Scope: All of RBC
Description: You could go into the building at it would be like entering a pub, only instead of being able to buy drinks you are able to buy various pharmaceutical supplies. I haven't thought of what exactly yet, but had some ideas: creams for holy water burns, tomato bath soap to get garlic spray smell off, magic strength aspirin for scrolls of turning and stuff like that. Each one could have a different side effect for instance:

Item 1: You take it and it makes you drowsy. No matter what square they click it takes you to a different near by square at random. Similar to how a vampire is randomly moved when scrolled with a scroll of turning. This can last for the rest of the persons aps or like 10aps, whatever.

Item 2: You take it and it makes you hallucinate. Similar to what you do on Halloween or April Fools, for a certain number of action points humans appear to be something else: monster, boogie man, ice cream truck, etc.

Item 3: You take it and black out. After taking it you move as normal, but after logging out and logging in you find yourself somewhere completely random in the city not where you were when you logged out and you have no idea how you got there. It would work like a scroll of displacement on yourself that is activated when you log out.

Item 4: Energy Drink, because what pharmacy/drug store doesn't have one of those at check-out? Each drink gives you 1 extra AP with a limit of 10 per 24 hr period.

Those are the 4 I've thought of so far, I think it'd be really fun and good for RP in the community.

Ravenblack has quoted this project as costing $1250, I will not bill so if you want it you gotta donate for it! :D

Discussion (Nosferama-Rama)

Update Ideas from me will be kept to myself since others can't respect them and not take them to RB themselves. --Lord Galamushidon't talk to me 00:17, 6 April 2011 (CEST)

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