Diamond Succubus Earrings

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Diamond Succubus Earrings are an item. They are available as a rarity at the Eternal Aubade of Mystical Treasures. The earrings can be used as a gift, but have no other known use. Diamond Succubus Earrings are the most exclusive piece of jewellery available in-game.


Where to get

Eternal Aubade of Mystical Treasures


price Charisma(1) Charisma(2) Charisma(3)
Special shop* 125000 coins
Pawn shop -56818 coins

* stationary shop or extended lair.

In-game description

A pair of diamond tear drop shaped earrings set below a series of other smaller diamonds that make up a shape of butterfly wings. A tag that comes with them reads: These earrings were hand retrieved from a Succubus in Realm of Reflections.


Diamond Succubus Earrings were introduced June 10th, 2009 when the Eternal Aubade of Mystical Treasures was erected.

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