Eternal Aubade of Mystical Treasures

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Zelkova and 47th
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Amethyst and 47th
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Eternal Aubade of Mystical Treasures
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Amethyst and 48th
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The Eternal Aubade of Mystical Treasures is a stationary shop. It mostly sells rarities, although normal items can be found - albeit at a higher price than regular shops.



Zelkova and 47th


June 10th 2009



Part of an old gothic Roman Catholic Church the Eternal Aubade of Mystical Treasures is located near the center of the city, situated among many other various shops of mortals. The two story shop greets the customer with large stained glass windows; gargoyles mounted at top the high pointed steeples and heavy oak cathedral doors. A brass sign inscribed with the courteous greeting "Now Open, Please Enter" shines freshly polished.

Just inside the shop the scent of jasmine and ancient wood entices the consumer further into the serene and pleasing ambiance found separate from the traffic and mayhem outside. A large red book rests open on an antique podium with a map for the reader’s reference next to the first page revealing the description and nature of this shop. The book reads:

“Welcome to the Eternal Aubade of Mystical Treasures. This fine shop is unlike any other known before. It is a collection of items brought together in one place from the far reaches of the earth and even other realms by the proprietors to celebrate the anniversary of their eternal union. We encourage the consumer to indulge and explore the fine variety of notions and potions of lovers to find the dark delightful gift desired.”

Thank you for choosing to visit us and please come again.
Established June 2009
†Lord Galamushi & †Samantha Dawn
Owners & Proprietors

An open scroll encased in glass rests on the wall above the greeting book. In blood the following directions are available to the shopper.

Main Floor
Creatures & Coffins
Jewelry & Formal Attire

Potions & Fine Craftsmanship
Flowers & Gifts of Serenade

Ceremonial Halls & Meeting Rooms
Tavern Inn & Portals
Private Residence

An attendant inside the shop greets patrons. “Welcome to The Eternal Aubade of Mystical Treasures. What can we do for you today?”


This screenshot is old — the items offered has since changed

The items and prices offered (confirmed November 2015):

Item price Charisma(1) Charisma(2) Charisma(3)
Perfect Dandelion 55coins
Sprint Potion 165coins
Perfect Red Rose 550coins
Scroll of Succour 825coins
Scroll of Bondage 1001coins
Perfect Black Orchid 1250coins
Gold Dawn to Dusk Tulip 1500coins
Wooden Stake 4400coins
Kitten 10000coins
Wolf Pup 12500coins
Dragon's Egg 17499coins
Silver Pocket Watch 20000coins
Crystal Music Box 25000coins
Blood Potion 33000coins
Hand Mirror of Truth 35000coins
Book of Spells 44999coins
Ritual Gown 55000coins
Silver Ruby Dagger 65000coins
Onyx Coffin 75000coins
Platinum Puzzle Rings 115000coins
Diamond Succubus Earrings 125000coins

Perfect Gold Dawn to Dusk Tulip

Price: 1500 coins
The petals are stiff with a brilliant gold color and tightly closed bud with stamen not yet exposed. Its stem is long, erect, and strong.


Price: 10000 coins
A kitten the size of the buyers palm wearing a red collar bearing a golden tag engraved with the following, “This kitten has been rescued from the city streets by Wyndcryer"

Wolf Pup

Price: 12500 coins
A Wolf Puppy the size of the buyers palm with a blue collar with a golden tag engraved with the following, “This wolf pup has been rescued from the wild by Cujo and Mad Max.”

Dragon's Egg

Price: 17500 coins
A large purple and green egg about the size of the buyers head. It is decorated with gold, diamonds and rubies attached to the shell. A tag reads, “Authentic Dragon’s egg, handle with care.”

Silver Pocket Watch

Price: 22500 coins
A classic silver pocket watch and chain, but the face has a 13th hour. Inside the cap an inscription reads, “If time could stand still. For the possessor of this watch, time will stand still for one hour a day at the stroke of 12 a.m.”

Crystal Music Box

Price: 25000 coins
A Crystal music box in the shape of a heart that plays, “Moonlight Sonata.” It seems to attract others as it plays and it will glow blood red in the light of a full moon. A tag inside reads: “Hand made by Mermaids in the Lost City of Atlantis.”

Hand Mirror of Truth

Price: 35000 coins
An Ivory and Crystal hand mirror. It is decorated throughout with silver roses, vines and leaves. A tag reads, “This artifact was taken from the crystal realm of Hades. It shows only the truth about the one who peers into its reflection.”

Book of Spells

Price: 45000 coins
A Book of Spells, Alchemy, Potions and other Secrets. The book is bound in black leather with a gold pentagram printed on front. When open, the parchment pages are worn and cracked at the edges. On the pages is ancient text written in Latin.

Ritual Gown

Price: 55000 coins
A beautiful white lace evening gown. A tag reads, “This mystical gown may appear to be any color or design the wearer wishes. The spell will only last for 12 hours a day before returning to its natural state.”

Silver Ruby Dagger

Price: 65000 coins
A dagger with a Silver double edged blade 8 inches long and Ruby encrusted Ivory handle. A small inscription on the underside of the blade reads: “Forged in the deepest, darkest abyss of Hades by Hephaestus.”

Onyx Coffin

Price: 75000 coins
A coffin is crafted out of Onyx with Steel plates, rounded corners and side bars on each side. Inside the bed is finished with red velvet. A manual states that it can be lined with soil from buyer’s homeland and sophisticated locking mechanism.

Platinum Puzzle Ring

Price: 115000 coins
A large platinum ring made up of 8 unique interweaving ringlets. A single black diamond is embedded into the top middle ringlet. A tag reads, “A vow is sacred, if removed the ring will fall apart like the vow it symbolized.”

Diamond Succubus Earrings

Price: 125000 coins
A pair of diamond tear drop shaped earrings set below a series of other smaller diamonds that make up a shape of butterfly wings. A tag that comes with them reads: “These earrings were hand retrieved from a Succubus in Realm of Reflections.”


Charisma doesn't effects the new items.

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