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This page isn't exactly what the name suggests, it became a tutorial for how to quickly setup a base for a character page, without having to think about or know much about how a wiki works. This page might be moved to a proper tutorial or how to page, and this could become a proper Example Character Page, but do not be afraid! It still will be easily accessible if that happens.

Enough smalltalk! Where are the goodies?

Step 1

Look up this article.

Great! That was easy, was it not?

Let's go on, but first a short introductionary explanation:
Character pages names differ from other pages as they begin with the dagger
. e.g.
instead of

That makes it hard to search for them or use the searchbox suggestion feature as you have to type in the dagger first, which is not exactly handy. To make it easy all you have to do is to create a redirect page.

Do not be afraid! It is easy, too.

Step 2 - Start a page

Usually I open a new browser tab or browser window with the RavenBlack Citypedia in it, so I am still able to look up this template while I create a new one.

With this page still opened, I switch over to the new one. Then I go and search for the character page I want to create.

But why?

Because when a page can't be found (because it isn't written yet), the wiki software will automatically suggest to create that page. This is the quickest way to create a new page. This works exactly like in searchengines. Also, if the page already exists, the suggestion feature will show you, and therefor all you have to do is to go to that existing page and edit it.



e.g. Searching for NewTestpage.

Class! Attention, please!

Wiki pages by design are always capitalized, which means that if your character name begins with a lowercase letter (eg. cliffburton), the wiki will create a page under the name Cliffburton. In the most cases this isn't an issue, but with character names it is more common.

As you will see, adding the dagger in front of a name, solves that problem. The first letter will be the dagger and following letters aren't affected by the capitalizing.

And as you are reading how to create a character page, type in your characters name you want to create (instead of
) and if it isn't suggested, hit the


If you now hit the red colored link with the subjects name (in the example picture still
), you will be able to fill the article with (un-)life, and save it.
Now you already have learned how to create wiki pages in general. And not only in this wiki, because this is how it works on, e.g. wikipedia as well.

Awesome!!! (And this is just Step 2!)

Step 3 - Adding the dagger

Basically all you have to do here is to put in the redirect code to the page with the dagger in front. In this example we will assume that vampires name is
and we need it to redirect searches to
. This is how we do it.. If you copy and paste this, remember to replace
with your characters name.

#REDIRECT [[†NewTestpage]]

Click on the
Save Page
Button and you have the redirect which should look like this:


And that was the hardest part to understand and to do. Wowsies!

Step 4 - Starting the actual character page

The last picture in step 4 shows you another red link. This means that page doesn't exist and needs to be created.

If the link isn't red like this red (if it is yellow, orange, darkred), this means that page already exists! Click on it and find out what it says. This means that you can skip to the last step, which is testing your redirect or go on editing the page you wanted to create.
Click on the red link (eg.
) and you just started your actual character page.

And now?

Step 5 - NEW! Using the new vampire template

And now, Ladies and Gentlemen, we are proud to present...

This one will have you drop your jaw, because it is so fast and you do not even have to understand how it works! IT'S MAGIC!!!



Save the page. Yes, Save it!

Now re-open the page for editing (Edit Link on top of the page)


Stand up, go to your window or door, open it, take a deep breath in...

Now shout: CLIFF ROCKS! (Because he does, does he not?).

You should look at the following;

The vampire '''NAME''' has drunk NUMBER [[pints]] of [[blood]].
[[Powers]]: [[Second-sight]] [[Suction]] [[Surprise]] [[Perception]] [[Celerity]](3) [[Stamina]](3) [[Shadows]](3) [[Thievery]](3) [[Locate]](3) [[Telepathy]](3) [[Charisma]](3)



Edit to your likes, save it, run around naked, wave your hands and move your feet that way that it looks like rotating discs or do whatever you do when you are hor jolly.


If you did not get jolly and the code does not look like the above, you didn't do it like the recipe told you to.

Try try again, Mr. Bond! -> Step 2

Step 666 - Final test

To test if your plan works, just type in the first letters of the created character name and the suggestions should pop up which, in this example, would look like this.


Clicking on the
Search Button
will reveal if you did everything right. If not, try trace your steps from the beginning, and if you can't fix it, ask one who is willing to help you. I assume, that as you found the RavenBlack Citypedia, you know a few people you can ask :)

Additional: Adding an image

To add an an image to your character page, first upload the image file, then use the following code:



is the width of the image (if the image is larger) and
the name of your uploaded image. When you have proceeded the upload, the you get the code to insert for using the image after the upload has finished. And remember that names are case-sensitive!
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