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Extended Lairs are a sub-category of lairs that have been upgraded so that they offer something to in-game visitors. Any vampire may benefit from a visit, not just the vampire who's lair it is. An extended lair may sell items similar to a shop, or offer drinks like a pub does. Others may give the same sanctuary to visitors in the way lairs usually do to their owner. These extra features can be seen as extensions to the basic lair, hence the term.

The added functionality of an extended lair is something the owning player has negotiated with Raven Black and paid extra credits for.

Some extended lairs sell rarities.


  • Visitors other than the owner can get something there.

Extended lair or Stationary shop?

An extended lair that sells items has very much in common with a stationary shop. The principal difference is that extended lairs (like all lairs) have maroon signs, while the stationary shops (like all shops) have greyish blue signs.

Premium prices

If an extended lair sells regular items it is generally at a 10 % premium, that is at 110 % of regular price. Charisma will have no effect on prices.

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