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Graves are in-game memorial buildings dedicated to one or more players who passed away. The Graveyard was the first grave, and for a long time the only one.

Graves are recognized by their grey signs: Graveyard

Graves have in-game descriptions, usually a dedication to the dead person. One or more of the graves did previously appear as lairs.



A Memorial Candle or flower can be used at a grave, placing it there.

Other memorial buildings

Several lairs are or contain dedications to the memory of one or more deceased persons. They include:

More information

From the game FAQ[1]:

It's simply a memorial spot for well-liked players who died (the players, not the vampires). The only effect of the graveyard is that you can use flowers there. Many players will appreciate if vampires are polite when there, out of respect for those who cared about the deceased.

There are other memorial spots scattered throughout the city, for which the same things apply.

Some players take it upon themselves to exact retribution upon anyone causing harm in the vicinity of the various memorials (including the surrounding squares), though there is no game rule against it.

Creating or adding names to graves

From Lost in Shadows FAQ[2]:

Q20. How do I get a specific vampire character moved and added to the graveyard since the person playing that vampire character passed away?

A. In order to have someone's vampire character(s) moved to and added to the graveyard you will need to provide us (Devil Miyu & RavenBlack) a copy of the person's death certificate. This is needed for verfication purposes only. The reason why the certificate is required is (to quote RavenBlack himself) "...because some people are jerks who would lie about it." (and it has been done several times before). You will also have to pay a fee of $25.00 via paypal. During the payment process, make sure to put "graveyard fee" in the "note to seller" box.


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