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The Graveyard is a memorial place initially dedicated to the deceased player of the vampire †Pazuzu. With time it became a memorial for more players, mentioned by the name of their vampire characters in the city. The Graveyard was the city's first grave, and for a long time it was the only one.

The Graveyard and the eight squares surrounding it are considered non-fighting area etiquette-wise.



Larch and 50th

In-game description

(As of November 2013)

A few graves particularly stand out.

Here Lies Pazuzu. Brother We Hardly Knew Ye.

RIP littlewhiteowl, you will never be forgotten.

A shadow with many names, but in our hearts all the same. R.I.P. dearest elle

A silent Rogue in the Court of Shadows, forever remembered. Be at peace mommyofcamelot.

Marlena. Loved by all. Forever in our hearts.

Wyndcryer Night-St.John - TygerNight's Eternity - Seyda's Brat Chylde - Warrior Supreme - The City's Brightest Star

Rest in Peace Harleyfang Beloved Childer and Friend

Pirus - Brightened the hearts of many, and cleansed the souls of those who sought him.

LilMemnoch - a friend to all and a beloved part of the city.

AngelFang You will be Loved and Remembered always. Rest Well My Friend.

TooL - Always true to himself, always there for his friends and fiercely protective of his loved ones. Ailios forever, even in death. He will be missed.

Placement of memorial items

If a visitor is in possession of any flower or a Memorial Candle, they will have the option of placing the item on a tombstone. The Memorial Candle can be purchased from the nearby NightWatch Headquarters. These items are regularly handed out freely to Graveyard visitors by †GraveGuard.


  • In April of 2003 the Graveyard was created to honor the fallen †Pazuzu, who's human died in real life.
  • It's unclear if a campaign was led by †Archangel to get the Graveyard built or not, but we do know that the player behind †Wander is credited with contacting RavenBlack to discuss the idea and have it built.
  • In November of 2003, †GraveGuard is created by Archangel, and is the first of the NightWatch Transit Guards to appear. Although not technically a transit guard, he did set the model and standard for the transit guards which were to come.
  • On September 25, 2010 the ability to place flowers or a Memorial Candle on a tombstones was added to the Graveyard.
  • On November 12, 2012, one marker was removed from the Graveyard due to building evidence of an elaborate hoax. Ravenblack strengthens criteria for Graveyard additions.
  • In May 2013 †GraveGuard witnessed the placement of a of a Diamond Ring by the vampire †JUAN KERR. The September 2010 modification may have allowed the placement of some additional items besides only flowers and the Memorial Candle. Further testing or inquiry by Ravenblack is likely beneficial.
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