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Getting Started


Alright, so you have created a vampire and are looking at the name you made in the middle of a 9 square grid like this.

Well the first thing you should do is read the FAQ's at the top of the page. After that you should take notice of your Action Points - when first starting, you will have 35/35. This means you have that many actions you can take before you must rest and wait for more action Points. Before you start moving, you want to know where you are going and why; to do this you might need a map. The City is 200 by 200 squares which means there are 40,000 squares. This is one huge chess board.

Note: If you're using a Windows OS and have Firefox, download the addon called "Greasemonkey" and then click this link: Map

Once you have your map or map program, you will want to get started with your moving. The game offers endless possibilities, but what you need the most when starting out is blood and coins. To gain blood and coins your best target is to drink from humans. They give you both blood and coins, which when you start out is the only way to get coins.


Now you're ready to start moving and drinking. To move into another square you must click the Move Here link located at the center top of each square. This will move you into that square; remember that for each action you take 1 action point is used and you only have 35 to start with, so make them count. The best direction to move is diagonally as this reveals the most new squares per move.


While you are moving make sure to move into squares that have humans. When you are in a square that has a human or a vampire in it, there should be a link below them that says Drink. Click drink and you should get between 1-3 pints of blood and 0 - 150 coins from humans, and 1 pint from vampires. Once you're down to about 10 action points you should be aware where you are and where the nearest bank is (though take note that in some areas you might find a bank as far as 14 squares from you, but this isn't so frequent).


The city is broken down into streets. They are numbered north and south and named east and west. See Streets for more details. Once you have located yourself on a map, look for the nearest bank to your location and Bank your coins before you run out of AP (Action Points).


To bank your coins you type in the amount in the space below and click deposit. Remember this also takes an AP, so make sure to reach the bank with enough AP to bank and move out. It is considered rude to sit inside banks so please move out or you might be scrolled out.

Other events

During your adventure, you might encounter one of several things which you should know about. The best thing that could happen is you find a yellow object in the street. These are items or weapons that could be useful later on in the game to you. If you see one move into the square and it will have a link that says Take, click it and you have it. Sometimes you might find a bag of coins, which will be the same as the coins you'd get off humans or, later on, vampires. Make sure to bank them.

Another thing you might find is vampire hunters. These things look like humans but attack you when you move into the square with them. Since your blood is pointless at this early stage of the game it's best you chase them if you think you have enough AP to catch it - the standard is 20 AP, but depending on your luck, some hunters might tax you as much as 70 AP or as little as 1. To catch a vampire hunter, follow the direction in which it has moved until you see it turn green in your square. Drink the human vampire hunter right away because if you do anything else it will attack again and move away and you will have to begin again. A vampire hunter will give you large amounts of blood and coins, 500 - 5000 coins and 20 - 320 pints of blood. Before chasing a vampire hunter be sure to know whether you think you're going to have action points left over, enough to make it to your nearest bank. If you think you may not, it's probably best to go bank what coin you do have.

Restoring Action Points

Your action points will restore at a rate of 1 per 30 minutes. Since you have low blood your action points may be anywhere from 35 - 51. So you will have to wait several hours before it's worth playing again. In the meantime, if you are really ready for more, you should read up on the city using all the links in this Wiki or go to the newspapers and learn about the community you have joined.


Now that you have become one of the undead souls of this city you will find that powers are the only way to become a great and powerful vampire. To gain powers you must have coins to buy them and then complete the quests that go with each. The powers you can gain are listed as such: Second-sight, Suction, Surprise, Perception, Celerity, Stamina, Shadows, Thievery, Locate, Telepathy, Charisma, Battle Cloak, Neutrality, and Ghost. Please read about each one of these powers and their uses before attempting to get them.

Unlife and beyond

Now that you have eternity, you will have lots of time on your hands. If you want to meet new people, venture out into the city; there are many ways to do this. Visit the Bloodchats, aka "suburbs" and "ghettos" which you can by clicking "chat" at the top of your screen. You can search the clan databases around the city. There are many forums, some known In Character as halls, you have access to, but to list them here would be too long. Over time, you'll meet new people and those people will introduce you those they know.

Families, or bloodlines, start with a sire; think of a sire as the head of your family. They are in charge of you and often are held responsible for your actions. Using another's biterlink you will have a sire upon entering the city. If you should find yourself in dire need of a sire, you could find one by: Bloodchats, Yahoo! Messenger, one of the many "halls" around the city, etc. It's high suggested that you get to know this person; make sure without a doubt you connected with them. Don't make any snap judgments; remember you have all of eternity. Information on most people can be found in this WiKi or other Dark Alleyway related sites.

It's best you don't use weapons on anyone until you understand what you are doing and to whom. As a vampire you are born of blood and kill often so don't think that you can't be killed by other vampires.


Every vampire can speak no matter what, unless out of AP. In order to speak or use items, weapons and powers you have to get to the proper menu. To get to the menu to speak, scroll down to the lower right hand corner of the city page and click More Commands. This will bring up sub-menus in your city page. To speak type what you want to say in the box and hit speak. Anyone in that square will see what you have said. Beware that foul language is not allowed and is filtered and that role play above a PG-13 level can result in deleted for cheating, if you are reported.

This is treated as a role play game by the community and since that is the case you should only speak to others in the city or YiM as the vampire character you are playing. There are many rules about this and these things can be taught to you by a sire or clan leader. Basically if you are speaking Out of Character aka OOC, you should use double brackets like this: ((I live in Iowa)). If you are describing an action In Character aka IC, you should use * ~ - :: or something like that to make that distinction, like this: *Bows* I am Lord Galamushi and I am here to kick your arse. *Lifts foot and kicks you in the butt*. It is advisable to only use this form for casual Role Play such as the one via YIM; a more narrative form can take pace on forums or in "halls" where writing should be more descriptive and elaborate. An exception to these would be newspapers where IC posts typically take the form of dialogue; though simple *actions*, when warranted, are not frowned upon there.

Note: Bottom line: Be sure the person you're speaking to knows whether you're in character or out of character.

Please note that you can block anyone from speaking to you. This option is located in My Vampire page. Just click the link at the top left of the city page and it will pull up your vampire, all your stats and objects as well as your lineage. You can change your email (where your reset password will be sent to) and enable/disable your biter link. Near the end of that box, you'll find the line Click here to block harassing messages., this is where you'll find a list of those you may have blocked, as well as where you would block anyone harassing you. Note, you can only do this if you have the power Second Sight.

Contacting others

You can speak to people in the city by finding them in one of the 40,000 squares and saying it out loud, or you can use the power of telepathy. Either way you will have to wait for the other person to reply back, so most use an Instant Messager like Yahoo! or AOL. In the Dark Alleyway most use Y!M.

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