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This is a guide about understanding the many frequent vampire slang words you might hear. This was designed as an open guide, so please add anything you know or you've heard and want it to have explained, but don't forget keep it in alphabetical order!


  • Bound - To be partner-bound via the Hall of Binding. "Don't ask her out, she's already bound."
  • Crowded - A square that is full. "I can't get in, it's too crowded."
  • Live - To be carrying on combat in real time, a bit dangerous to the untrained player. "We went live and i didn't know what to do, and I got zeroed."
  • Shadowed - A vampire Lost in Shadow. "We can't attack the bloke because he's shadowed."
  • Stranded - To run out of AP with a large amount of money in hand. "Everyone in the clan can come rob me, I'm stranded at Ire and 72nd."
  • Zeroed - Someone that is zeroed has been attacked with weapons until their blood count reached zero. "We win; they are all zeroed!"


  • Alliance - Alliances are groups of organized vampires, generally composed of two or more clans. "Cap Clan and the Ferrymen just formed an Alliance!"
  • Ancient - A vampire that entered the city sometime during 2003, but AFTER the streets came in.
  • Blue Square - Any square in the city that has turned blue, either due to over crowding or because it exists at the city limits. "I couldn't get anywhere near the bank at Polyhymnia because of all the blue squares."
  • Brown Square - A situation where a single vampire finds himself surrounded by powerful, well-known, high bp vampires -generally sharing the same square with him. Also used as a verb "The noob stopped making threats once we brown-squared him."
  • Elder - A vampire that is over two years old.
  • Fledgling - A term for a young vampire, or one new to the City. Sometimes derogatory. "The fledgling is barely turned, he doesn't know a thing."
  • Founder - A vampire that entered the city prior to when the streets were installed.
  • Fortress - An old term used before the power of Surprise was implemented; a "fortress" was a Crowded square, which prevented anyone from entering said square in order to attack one of its inhabitants. "We need one more for the fortress, so Pazuzu is coming."
  • Garlics - Garlic Spray. "Just shoot him with a few more garlics, that'll zero him."
  • Killshot - The finishing blow of an attack, leaving a vampire with under 10 pints of blood (but usually zero). A screen shot of the zeroed vampire is usually taken as proof. See also: Screenie. "I got the killshot, he's dead!"
  • One-Liner - A roleplay post that is less than a paragraph in length, and sometimes does nothing to advance the plot. Can be a noun or adjective. "Archangel watches the group."
  • Pire - Shortened version of "vampire." "That's a pretty powerful 'pire!"
  • PowerGamer - A roleplayer who's main interest revolves around going on a power trip. They often enjoy portraying characters such as Gods, Ancient Red Dragons or ultimately powerful mages. Characters who never display flaws or weaknesses are powergamers.
  • Screenie - A screen shot, sometimes of a zeroed vampire, but generally just as proof of something happening (impressive robs, strange conversations, et cetera). See also: Killshot. "I got the screenie, he's dead!"
  • Soft Rp - Describes roleplay where one enjoys the roleplay not for the fighting at all, but only for the social interaction. These sorts of players rarely look for conflict or enjoy it at all, but more often than not just enjoy the concept of hanging out in a tavern and speaking.
  • Square - A location in the city (city block or street). "I'm sitting in the same square as RavenBlack."
  • Succor Train - A combat tool designed to save money. A central vampire teleports to a location while others succor in. "They couldn't fight anymore once we broke their succor train." Also known as "succor chain".
  • Tele(s) - Scroll(s) of Teleportation. "It's too far, and I'm outta teles!"
  • Torpor - A condition where a player agrees, on his or her honor, to pretend to be dead (rest) after being zeroed. "I'll be in torpor for two weeks." Important Info on Torpor Here!
  • Wall - A "text-wall", generally resulting from overnight attacks. "I thought my apology was good enough, but I woke up to a friggin' wall."
  • War Conference - A live meeting designed to coordinate the combat of a larger group. "The war conference is at 3:00."


  • Archangel - To improvise a situation and have it end in disaster, as in "OMG half the wiki is missing what happened?"..."Cliff archangeled it, he tried a hack he saw on Youtube." It is also used to indicate dubious success, when success should be impossible with the tools at hand. "What's with all the chickenwire, duct-tape, and safety pins?"..."The pilot archangeled his airplane, just get into it."
  • Bathe - To attack a vampire with Holy Water. "We bathed him good!"
  • Bind - To use the Hall of Binding. "I've decided to bind to cliffburton as sire."
  • Blanking - Multiple meanings. One: to completely erase something that has been written. "I couldn't read her post because she blanked it." Two: To ignore a player that has joined an RP, effective "blanking them out." Also called "inking" as in "blotting someone out."
  • Crossing - Mixing reality and fantasy, ie. hating the player of a vampire for something the vampire did, or vice/versa, or having the character use out of character knowledge. "Don't RP with Jack, He's a crosser."
  • Displace - To use a Scroll of Displacement. "I can't make it, they keep displacing me and I'm out of teles."
  • Duel - To fight another vampire one-on-one, generally live. Duels typically observe several rules, like its participants not being allowed to step outside of a designated area (typically 9 squares) and the win being determined either by one of the parties being zeroed or the first to HW/GS the opponent x number of times (where x is agreed upon before the duel by both parties). There is also, sometimes, a referee. "I challenge you to a duel!"
  • Frost - (also: Freeze) Frosting is when someone leaves a Roleplay hanging, effectively 'freezing' or 'frosting' the going-ons. "I'd reply to that thread, but person X frosted it. I don't know what to write."
  • FTD - To give someone a flower as a sign of disrespect, usually a wilted dandelion. "After I was zeroed, Archangel FTD'd me."
  • Glowing - To have your vampire turn bright yellow due to having a lot of coin. "I robbed him because he was glowing."
  • God Mod - To bestow powers upon a character that are greater than they should be allowed to have, and would make them seem almost god-like. "Don't RP with that guy, his characters are all God Moded."
  • Hide - To avoid combat during a war, generally in a cowardly way. "First he was hiding in his sire's owned square, then he was hiding in the Graveyard, and now the little punk is hiding in shadows."
  • High Stepping - To move quickly, generally using sprint potions. "I'm out of teles, but I'll be high steppin' it to the combat zone."
  • Kicked - Two meanings (also "booted"). One: to have a Scroll of Displacement used on you. "I was on my way when I got kicked to the other side of the City." Two: for something to go temporarily wrong with your internet and you're signed off instant messenger. "Sorry about that, I got kicked. What did you say?"
  • Necro - (also "Necroing") To use a necromancer to replace lost blood from battle. "They almost zeroed me, but I necroed back to 4000bp."
  • Poof - To use scrolls (displacement, teleport, succour) to get out of an area quickly. "I was just about to holy water her when she poofed."
  • Powerplay - See Also:"God mod". To roleplay a character not your own, controlling their actions (usually to their detriment). "I'm not recognizing that RP because they powerplayed my character."
  • Ring - To make the monumental mistake of giving someone a diamond ring instead of holywatering them. "We went live, and then the idiot ringed me, lol!"
  • Scrolled - To use scrolls as a weapon. "We scrolled the little twit halfway across the city."
  • Sever - To solve the ties to a partner or childe at the Hall of Severance: "After I found out my partner was messing around with my childe I went to the Hall and severed both."
  • Sleep - The non-action that results from using all of your AP, or otherwise ending your play session."I was displaced by the NightWatch for sleeping in the Graveyard."
  • Sit - To be located on a particular square. "I'm sitting at the Hall of Binding as we speak."
  • Wake Up - Beginning your play session, and viewing the screen containing events that transpired while you were away. "I woke up to a holywater attack, and a bunch of messages."
  • Zero - To zero someone is to attack them with weapons until their blood count is zero (also under ten, or three, by some rules). "Keep talking, and you'll get zeroed."


Any words (such as grunting sounds) that fit in none of the previous categories, often silly expressions with no important meaning.

  • Banana - There are many uses for this word, almost all of which are obscene. "cliff knows what to do with a banana."
  • Burn the Hall - To erase a discussion board. The boards are generally roleplayed as "halls", and when they are deleted, the roleplay usually states that the hall was burned down. (Also: "Closed it's doors")
  • Cha-CHING! - The odd (possibly chinese) words you shout when your vampire robs another vampire of 5000 coins or over.
  • Check-Point - The password used at the indicated intersections for all levels of Locate.
  • Cheese/The Big Cheese - A nice article on this wiki, an award given for such, or the Big Cheese himself, the Cliffmeister.
  • Pheer the Kiwi! - A little-known Capadocian battle cry.
  • The Displacement Game - When two parties are at the brink of combat and begin displacing each other hoping to get the other to lose their temper. "We started playing the displacement game and so I just holywatered him."
  • The Yellow Tag Game - Played for fun, by a group of two or more vampires, similar to human childhood playground tag. A vampire is yellow tagged by passing coins to another making them glow yellow (to those that have Perception and Thievery).
  • Walkabout - Not Australian, in RBC it's a sort of rite-of-passage where a vampire walks completely around the city, in squares next to the city limits. "I can't do any quests, I'm on walkabout"
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