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Guilds are in-game clandestine societies that train vampires in different powers. The guilds are found in special buildings thoughout RavenBlack City. There are currently six different guilds.

Each guild have three tiers. Each tier reside in their own building, making the total number of guild buildings in the city eighteen. All guild tiers offer training in two of the guild's associated powers to visiting vampires.


Guilds and their powers

Allurists Guild

Charisma & Perception

Empaths Guild

Locate & Surprise

Immolators Guild

Stamina & Suction

Peacekeepers Mission

Neutrality & Battle Cloak

Thieves Guild

Thievery & Shadows

Travellers Guild

Celerity & Telepathy


Unlike other buildings such as banks, pubs and lairs, most guild buildings are hidden and not easily seen. You know you are at the guild only from the text you see when standing in the actual square. From the surrounding squares, a guild looks like an ordinary black square.

The exception to this is the Peacekeepers Mission, who are not secretive like other guilds. Their tier buildings are fully visible (just like ordinary buildings).

Notes on terminology

Depending on the context, "guild" may refer either to an individual guild tier building, or to the in-game society or group that host three such buildings. In some cases where the moving nature of hidden guilds are emphasized, the Peacekeepers may be excluded from what one mean by "guilds".

Social groups of vampires played by actual people are referred to as clans, rather than guilds.


The hidden guilds change location regularily. You can get the current location of a guild from a barman by buying a drink at his pub, or by checking A View In The Dark.

The buildings of the Peacekeepers Mission do not move. On the contrary, when they arrived to the city their addresses were openly advertised.

Movement time schedule

The hidden guilds move at particular dates. Those are currently (May 2012) the 1st, 6th, 10th, 14th, 19th, 23rd and 27th of each month. That means guilds will usually stay either 4 or 5 days.

The hidden guilds have currently (May 2012) been observed to move at 00:05 UTC/GMT on the dates listed above.


The exact movement hour has changed historically, although the date pattern seems stable. Late 2005 the schedule was similar to above, but in January 2006 it shifted and got offset by more than 24 hours to the 2nd, 7th, 11th, 15th, 20th, 24th and 28th of each month. After that it has obviously shifted again.


The guilds arrived in 2003, and have offered their services since. Before that, the only way to gain a power was to donate for it (see credits).

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