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General Information

Last known URL: http://hallsofastarte.vampire-legend.net/
Current members: 15
Type of Group: Clan
Founded on: April 2010

Clan Description

Clan Creed

In Truth, in Honor, with Integrity, in Loyalty and Strength.
I am both merciful and merciless.
I am relentless and implacable in my resolve.
I will walk among my enemies unseen and unheard.
I will not fight unless with just cause, nor misuse what I learn.
I shall strike without sound, claim victory without boastfulness.
I shall have endless patience for that moment to deliver swift justice.
I am loyal & honor bound to the clan, its principals & its leader.
Should I be forced to defend myself, my honor or principals;
Should it be a matter of life or death, of right or wrong;
Should it be in times of war or times of peace,
No fallen comrade will be left behind or unavenged.
I am the shadows, the protector, the kiss of death in the night.
I am the guardian of the world of shade & shadows.

Clan History

  • March 27 2015 - Kaleb takes a position as 'Ambassador' on the Nightwatch on behalf of the Clan.



Mission Statement/Recruiting Statement


I hope you find your learning experience and your time within these walls an enjoyable, educating and fun experience. I wish you all the very best on your quests and endeavours here at Astarte. I am available as a point of contact 24/7 and will usually reply within a 12hr time frame, my door is always open. Please if you have any queries at all just ask. I would like to get to know you all during your time here. Remember to sign The Oath, The Creed and The Rules of Astarte. Work hard, play hard and have fun!

Present day Status

The clan is currently in a state of peace, membership is growing, and there are no current difficulties.

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