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Hellions Alehouse is home to the largest database of active and inactive groups (clans, scools, bars, clubs, etc.) that exist in RavenBlack City. In its current form there are over 500 entries.

Hellions Alehouse motto is The biggest and best database in RavenBlack City.

Vukodlac is migrating the entire database into the wiki so that the whole city can edit and update the listings as a continuous and ongoing project.

The migration started on August 7, 2008 and currently has an unknown completion date. Check back here often.

The database in it's entirety can currently be found at Hellions Alehouse

The 15 listings in the database that have so far been migrated:


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  • Alphabetical List: For a listing of all entries in the database click below where it says Category:Alehouse.
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