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A Vial of Holy Water

A Vial of Holy Water (HW) is an item. It is available as a potion. The vial is a weapon used in combat against other vampires. Upon use it inflicts damage equal to the victim's BP^0.6, making it more effective against strong vampires.


City Description

"If the owner of this item should find themselves in proximity to a vampire, it might well be a lifesaver - a vampire splashed with Holy Water will bleed profusely, which should give the lucky owner time to escape."

How to Use

You must be in the same square as the vampire you wish to 'spray' with it. Click the More Commands link, select the target pire's name from the appropriate drop-down list and click the Spray button. The damage inflicted is solely dependent upon the recipient's current BP level as shown below. (Please also see the Holy Water Calculator)

When hit by a HW, the formula is: NBP = OBP - (OBP^0.6)

OBP = "original blood points"
NBP = "new blood points"
HWL = "holy water loss"

Examples: OBP - HWL = NBP

100 - 16 = 84 1000 - 63 = 937
250 - 27 = 223 2500 - 109 = 2391
500 - 42 = 458 5000 - 166 = 4834


It is also the one of the items which requires you to have a minimum of 200 BP to use. This is to prevent a Pire who hovers at some tiny BP from hounding a stronger player by repeatedly finding and attacking them with no regard for their own BP.

Vampires with Neutrality cannot use weapons like the Vial of Holy Water, and are also somewhat immune to its effect.

Where to get


price Charisma(1) Charisma(2) Charisma(3)
Regular shop 2000 coins 1940 coins 1860 coins 1800 coins
Discount shop 1400 coins 1357 coins 1302 coins 1260 coins
Special shop* 2200 coins
Pawn shop -1000 coins

* stationary shop or extended lair.


The minimum BP requirement for using this item was raised from 50 pints to 200 pints on 10 November 2003.[1]

Other Information

Some players call it giving a Pire a bath or bathing them.

Holy Water Calculator

A Holy Water Calculator is a useful tool to aid in using HW. On Zach Craft's old page there was one, but he copied the code from the Capadocian Clan Page and changed the copyright to his name. When cliffburton took over the site at the domain with all the content, he thought he owned that code as well. On September 16th, 2010, Archangel asked him to remove the links, which, of course, he did.

Today I chose the replacement for the old one. It can be reached like before with the link in the community box on the left. I will change the looks to fit in the wiki theme when I am fit for it. Fangs to the user Dr. X Online for making and providing it. --Cliff Burton Marco 21:34, 9 December 2010 (CET)


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