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A Human is a Non-Player Character frequently found on the streets of RavenBlack City. They are by far the most numerous, and primarily act as nameless prey for vampires. The gender of a Human is never revealed.

What looks like a Human may sometimes turn out to be a vampire hunter, which are a much more dangerous prey.



Humans never seem to move from their location. Unlike vampire hunters, they are completely harmless. When a vampire begins to feed on them or their kin, Humans niether fight nor flee.

Interacting with Humans


There are two ways in which a vampire can interact with Humans in the same square.


The most common interaction with a Human is to bite him or her, since they provide a substantially better source of nutritious blood than vampires. This is done by clicking (drink). Each Human will be killed in the process, and disappears from the game. As they die, you help yourself to the coins in their pockets.

Biting a Human will yield:

  • 1—3 BP (2—4 BP with Suction)
  • 0—200 coins


You can also ask Humans for directions to the nearest bank, pub or shop. This costs 5 AP (less with Charisma).

Asking a Human for shop directions is generally an unreliable method of divining its location, as a Human needs to be quite close to a shop to know this. As for banks and pubs, they are stationary and can be found on a map.

Human spawning

Humans appear in the City randomly. The population is constant, meaning a new Human is born everytime one dies. A consequence of the random spawn locations is that Humans over time will accumulate in areas where no vampires happen to harvest them, while getting scarcer in more vampire-infested parts of the city.[1] The random spawning of Humans sometimes result in two, three or even more Humans standing in the same square.


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