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The vampire †Ichi_Nightlove has drunk 3198 pints of blood.
Powers: Second-sight Suction(2) Surprise Perception Celerity(3) Stamina(3) Shadows(3) Thievery(3) Locate(3) Telepathy(3) Charisma(3) Neutrality(3) BattleCloak

†Ichi Nightlove is a Master vampire, with no sire.
†Ichi Nightlove is not a Sire to any other vampires.
†Ichi Nightlove has no siblings.



†Ichi Nightlove

IGN: †Ichi_Nightlove. Formally †Ichi NightLove

Nickname: Pup.

General Information:

Born: May 5, 1993

Place: NightLove Pack Den, Northern Canada.

Birth Mother: Dream NightLove.

Birth Father: Vince NightLove.

Birth Siblings: Sasha, Eric, Derrk, Scott, Blaike.

Race: Full Blooded Wolf: Shifter.

Favorite Movie: The Princess Bride

Favorite song: Black Parade - My Chemical Romance

NightLove Pack Origins:

The Nightlove pack was created by a coven of Witches to protect the Witches from hunters. For many centries the pack lived and protected these Witches. Eventually the witches moved on to other methods of protections. Releasing the Nightloves from their contract to serve, but they were allowed to keep their gift of shifting. The Nightloves then moved into a forest, to be on their own, living as wolfs for most of the time. Each NightLove has a spirit color, that is unique to that wolf. When they shift they are covered with the light of that color, and then they shift into their wolf form. Each Nightlove is always granted a life rose, these Roses are a family tradition that grow the color of the wolfs spirit color. Once a NightLove passes, those roses too fade away. The Roses themselves have their own magical powers to them, mostly being used as a cure for silver, having general healing qualities.

Origin story:

Ichi NightLove was born into this world on May 10, 1993, To Vince and Dream NightLove, She was the runt of the litter, and no one really expected her to get far, that is why she was named Ichi, One. The One who was not supposed to survive. Ichi's mother and father were the Alpha wolves of their pack. For the first few year's of Ichi everything was perfect. Her family lived most of their lives as wolfs. The only reason Ichi ever shifted was for school. Ichi was home schooled along side her brothers and sister. Her parents wanted the pack to still know how to live in the human world, just in case it was ever needed.
Unfortunately, The Nightlove pack did not live alone in the forest they had found. There was another pack that was constantly trying to over power them. Ichi's sister was married into the pack as a truce. Ichi's parents had hope that his would help link the packs, and they could both live in peace in the forest. For many years the two packs coincided. On , December 15th, 2001 The BrenSlaughters had grown powerful enough and had convinced enough of the NightLove's pack to join them that they could over power the pack. It was on that night, Ichi would truly become one, alone.
The Brenslaughters attacked in the middle of the night, after a celebration for newly born pups. They stuck when the Nightloves had put their guard down. Ichi's own sister chained Ichi up to a pole in the middle of the Nightlove den. They forced her to watch as they slaughtered the rest of Ichi's pack one by one. Her brothers fell, the new pups were laid to rest just a day after being birthed. Just as morning was starting to peek, the Alpha's of the BrenSlaughter's dragged Ichi's parents dead bodies in front of the young pup. Showing her that they had cleanily taken care of the whole pack. It was Ichi's sister that threw her mothers dead body in front of Ichi. Then, before Ichi could even react, she watched as the BrenSlaughters attacked her sister. The one who had helped the pack with their plan. The alpha of the BrenSlaughters tossed, Ichi's sisters' body to the side as if it was nothing but a doll, and then stood before Ichi. Ichi thought for sure they were going to kill her as well, but the wolf just shook it's head and the pack left the den, leaving behind the bodies of Ichi's pack. For once, the fact that Ichi was the runt of the pack had worked for her, the BrenSlaughters obviously thought she wasn't worth killing because the winter would kill her off while she was chained up.
However they were wrong, it took a few days, but Ichi was able to free herself. She left the den, burying the bodies of her pack mates. Ichi fled deciding to live life on her own, away form the BrenSlaughters. Ichi traveled though the forests, hunting, surviving on her own. When needed she would shift and go into local towns, begging for food and whatever supplies she needed to live by herself. She made sure she was always on the move, in case the BrenSlaughters ever realized she was still alive.
In one town, Ichi made friends with a local hunter, the hunter didn't know Ichi was a shiftier, he merely thought she was an orphan that snuck out of the local orphanage to bother him. Ichi convinced the man to allow her to be his apprentice, learning how to track down shifters, vampires and many other unnatural beings. Around 15 Ichi ran into the BrenSlaughters again. Ichi said goodbye to her trainer, and went after them. It took roughly a year to prepare for he assault on the pack, but when all was done. The only pack that remained from Ichi's childhood, was herself. One lone Nightlove. The Brenslaughters were no more. Ichi tried to return to the town she had left her Hunter trainer, but the man had finally moved on to a new place after Ichi had told him goodbye. Ichi still felt an ache in her heart, the revenge had not been everything she had hoped it to be. With a heavy heart, Ichi learned about a city of unnatural beings, Ravenblack. The young woman set out, in hopes of finding something she hadn't had in years, A Home.

Ravenblack City:

At first Ichi was skittish, sure Ichi had met vampires and other likes before, but this was different. For so long, Ichi entered the taverns carefully, before too long however, she was wild and crazy, and popular. Everyone called her Pup because she usually ran around as a small wolf pup. That and she was crazy and hyper and loveable, just like a Puppy. Soon Ichi realized another fact about herself, She loved other women. She had never really been exposed to this kind of world and at 18 she had a lot of things to experience. During her first few years in Ravenblack, Ichi had many lovers almost getting bound a to a few of them, though nothing ever stuck.

Along with finding love, Ichi found family. She was sired back †JokerofLust, Who, oddly enough was the first woman to set out a hit on her when she entered the city..Ichi was happy with her new family and loved them all tremendously, She had a new last name new people to look to and to respect, love. Everything she had ever really wanted, She was Ichi Nightlove Merovingian.
Then suddenly out of no where there was no one, the family seemed to have crumble apart and Ichi was left in the darkness. Her Sire †JokerOfLust was no where to be found, and Ichi was once again alone. This was also a time when she started loosing friends left and right. Soon enough Ichi left her sire and sired under †V Kingsley. Ichi Loved V greatly and was very close to the man, while being sired under him she also gained a brother of whom she would never loose †Fenrir _Lycan. She remained sired under V until the man and Ichi got into a large fight. The fight was so catastrophic that Ichi lost all respect that she ever had for the man and left the family. It was soon after this where Ichi ran into her old Aunt †Mona Hraefn. Ichi was rejoiced to have met the woman and soon enough she found herself sired under the woman as a D'amour.

During her time in RavenBlack, Ichi also joined the clan Ordo Illuminati.

Ichi loved RavenBlack, she had found a home. However, Soon Ichi found herself alone once again, her beloved Sire slipped into the Shadows, and Ichi didn't know what to do with herself. So..She left.

Time away from Ravenblack

Ichi left without saying goodbye, without wishing anyone good luck. One night she was in the city and the next she was in the back of a truck with a group of traveling musicians, and poets. Ichi traveled with this group, she backpacked, van jumped and couch surfed all over USA and into parts of Canada. It was during these travel’s Ichi allowed herself to calm down. She realized she no longer had to be the center of attention, she no longer had to fight, or be the best person at kicking ass. She actually lost all need to fight. Ichi learned a lot about herself while she traveled. She found a love for poetry, and started to go to school online for a degree in Publishing, with a minor in English poetry. After obtaining her degree, Ichi felt it was time to get off the road, time to try to settle roots again. She sent out applications to colleges. As luck would have it, the only one that seemed to reply was a college right outside of Ravenblack. With fear in her heart, Ichi accepted the position and returned to her home outside the city. She returned to the city that had broken her, a new woman, hoping to be able to change the past, start over new.

Return to the Ravenblack:

Return to the city:

Ichi returned to the city, and had to start over, no powers, no family no friends. She went for about a week trying to make friends again with no luck. Most of Ichi's memory of the city, and her times here before she left are mixxed around in her head, almost like they had all been a dream at one time. Though she is slowly trying to reconnect with those she once knew and loved. Her return to the city was a lot harder than she though it would be, at the start of her second week back, Ichi was thinking about leaving her job and moving away again. Not knowing if she could really fully return to this city. Until she ran until an old friend †Damacus. †Damacus, though the man didn’t know it, saved Ichi from leaving the city once again by bringing Ichi into his family’s bar, and introducing him to his family. Ichi soon connected to †Caden, making a quick friendship with the similar blonde’. Ichi made other friends too slowly, †vampuro, †Scotlyn and then Ichi met †drewbeary. On a regular day the redhead stumbled into the bar with arms full of magazines, and instantly Ichi signed up for a subscription to never leave that woman's side.

Ichi's Apperience

Height: 5'1

Hair Color: Changes, but always goes back to blonde.

Eye Color: Sky blue, but change with her moods.

Ichi Is Covered In Tattoos:

Left Forearm: Strength in an old English font.

Right Forearm: Loyalty in an old English font

Top of both forearms: Remington .36 pistols

With Fists put together on the front of her arms: "Now we return to what we were animals living in darkness"

Inside of right bicep: Tribal style Moon

Inside of left bicep: Tribal style Sun

Across collar bones: "Love until your bones break."

Behind left ear: Night

Behind right hear: Love

Full Back: Large bare tree, with branches spanning all over her back, a tire swing hands off one of the branches, at the base of the tree are seven gravestones with the names: Sasha, Eric, Derrk, Scott, Blaike, Vince, Dream.

Right front thigh: Storm trooper with a wold pelt on it, and a rose under it

Left front thigh: An anchor with a banner, reading "Watch me rise"

Back of her right leg starting from the calf and going up: Rainbow colored wolf paw prints.

Back of left calf: The Slytherin house emblem.

Front of her right calf: An astronaut holding a red balloon

Front of her left calf: A small girl letting go of a red balloon

Right hip: A blue rose

Left hip: A Spilled over beer bottle

Under right breast: Heartbreaker, with a cracked heart hanging off the r.

Under left breast: a set of red lips.

In between breasts, over some scaring: an atomically correct heart, with nails, and staples stuck into it.

Ribs right side: A blue bird

Ribs left side: an open cage, with blue feathers at the bottom

LonePine.jpgThe Last of the Line
Ichi has no childer.
This user is Canadian.


Ichi's Face is Ericka Linder. Ichi had to restart as a new vampire in the city, because her human forgot her old password, and didn't have a email connected to the old account. Yeah Winning!

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