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The Immolators Guild is one of the secret guilds in RavenBlack City. As their name suggests, they focus on gaining power through gruesome self-mutilation and sacrifices in blood. Sometimes outsiders are tapped for the large amounts needed in their grisly rituals, but the prime sacrificial lambs are the apprentices themselves.

The Immolators Guild are a clandestine society, and have three tier chapters hidden at ever-changing locations. Each tier building offer visiting vampires training in the powers of Stamina and Suction.


Powers offered Cost
Immolators Guild 1 Stamina 1 1,000 coins + Stamina Quest (500 BP)
Suction 1 7,500 coins + Suction Quest
Immolators Guild 2 Stamina 2 2,500 coins + Stamina Quest (1,000 BP)
Suction 2 15,000 coins + Suction Quest
Immolators Guild 3 Stamina 3 5,000 coins + Stamina Quest (1,500 BP)


The Immolators Guild was introduced 21 February 2003.



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