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Items carried are visible under My Vampire

Items are in-game objects which can be purchased in shops or (with luck) found on the streets. Any number of items can be carried by a vampire. Most items can be kept indefinitely. There are currently 42 different items available in the game, and 2 more have appeared seasonally.

The drinks purchased at pubs are no items per this definition, since each drink is instantly consumed.


Appearance and use

All items currently carried are listed as Possessions under My Vampire, and their in-game descriptions are available there. Item descriptions can also be browsed when visiting a shop where they are sold.

Some carried items can be used actively. This is usually done through the More Commands link. Using an item will generally consume it.


An item disappears when:


Items are further categorized based on two things: their availability and their use and effect.


Each item belong in one of the following categories, depending on which shops it is sold in:

Use and effect

An item can belong in none or several of the following categories, depending on its properties:


Each item has a regular price. Two more factors contribute to the final price: what type of shop it is, and which level of Charisma the buyer has:

no Charisma Charisma(1) Charisma(2) Charisma(3)
factors ×1.00 ×0.97 ×0.93 ×0.90
Regular shop ×1.00 ×1.00 ×0.97 ×0.93 ×0.90
Discount shop ×0.70 ×0.70 ×0.679 ×0.651 ×0.63
Special shop* ×1.10 ×1.10
Pawn shop ×0.50

* Special shop refers to stationary shops and/or extended lairs that offer the item. With few exceptions, the pricing there is 110 % of the regular.

Item pages can use the {{ItemPriceTable}} which uses the factors above. The table applies to most items.

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