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A Kitten is an item. It is available as a rarity at the Eternal Aubade of Mystical Treasures. The kitten can be used as a gift, but apart from charming every vampire with its cuteness it has no other known use.


Where to get

Eternal Aubade of Mystical Treasures


price Charisma(1) Charisma(2) Charisma(3)
Special shop* 10000 coins
Pawn shop -4545 coins

* stationary shop or extended lair.

In-game description

A kitten the size of the buyers palm wearing a red collar bearing a golden tag engraved with the following, This kitten has been rescued from the city streets by Wyndcryer.


Kittens were introduced June 10th, 2009 when the Eternal Aubade of Mystical Treasures was erected.
They were introduced in memory of Wyndcryer whose player died not long before.

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