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L'inconnu is a French word that translates into the Unknown.


Statistical Information

Founded on: November 19th, 2008
Status: Inactive, Doors closed February 2010.
Type of group: Clan

Stated Description

The unnameable is the eternally real.
We're of no set mind. Chaotic, you could say.

Former Leaders


  • November 19th, 2008 - The clan is formed.
  • April 6th, 2008 - L'inconnu enters the Ferrymen vs Hells Angels war. Through this maneuver, they impressed their allies, enemies, and many of the onlookers including but not limited to black_dragonet.[1] due to their stoicism and dedication on the battle field. On April the 25th, The Capadocians join in to assist HA and Dogs of War. After 4 further nights of fighting, on April 29th, L'inconnu ceases fire in campaign against the Caps. On the 6th - L'incunnu ceased fire in campaign against HA and DoW , and were left only four months to rebuild before the next battle. (Later on the 28th - Caps and TF finally end the war)
  • September 28th, 2009 - L'inconnu zeroed †Kaelani for being a spy.
  • October 1st, 2009 - Kaelani's family, the House of Dumont, Clan Tal'mahe'Ra, and Clan Unity declared war against L'inconnu and several vampires were caught in live battles. Soon after, Clan Invictus joined the fight against L'inconnu. †black_dragonet used the phrase "clan patchwork" to describe this group, and a second option "clan clusterfuck" is put forth by †Scythian. Eventually "The Patchwork Alliance" sticks. The first casualty was †Tifereth of the L'inconnu.
  • October 4th, 2009 - A cease-fire agreement is signed. (†Ace Dumont, Leader - Dumont Family / †Count Tuna Dumont, Leader - Dumont Family / †Valentio, Chief Elder - Clan Unity / †Koz O'Callahan, Leader - Clan Tal'mahe'Ra / †Liander Wolfe, Leader - Clan Invictus / †Jada, on behalf of Clan L'inconnu) By this point the Patchwork Alliance had 10 kills and L'inconnu had 1, purportedly because they did not care about the little skermish.
  • January 2010 - The Clan closes its doors.
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