Liski's Shadow Phial

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Liski's Shadow PhialThis page is marked as to be maintained by Liski only!

Gloom and 99th
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Hessite and 99th
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Liski's Shadow Phial
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Gloom and 100th
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Hessite and 100th
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Liski's Shadow Phial is the alchemic shop owned by Liski. It is an extended lair where spells can be invoked for items.



Gloom and 99th


Cloaked in darkness, an ebony building formed by shadows is barely visible to the eye. Once inside, the walls whisper just out of audible reach. Every wall hosts shelving occupied by glowing vials of unknown liquids and magic.

The shadow altar lies before you.

Etched into the altar is a warning: "Be wary of unknown spells as you may sacrifice more than you intended."

Shadow Altar

The lair has an altar where visitors can invoke spells one or several times.
Liski created The Nightshade Grimore which contains the recipe for each spell; shortly after, others made their own copies.

The listed spells are:

  • Bendición de mi Sol
  • Bloodstone
  • Call of the Imp
  • Cerberus' Dismissal
  • Charon's Blessing
  • Cologne of the Wolf
  • Deepest Red
  • Elder Dash
  • Elixir of Death
  • Fae Grace
  • Feather of Ma'at
  • Ferrymen Combat Satchel
  • Frenzy of Senses
  • Grimalkin Grimoire
  • Hermes' Helper
  • Hermit's Translocation
  • Hip Glue
  • Ice Ash Scriptures
  • Ixora Blade
  • Kiss of the Whip
  • Light of Heaven
  • Mango Godess Tears
  • Ribbon Dance
  • Roman Visitations
  • Shadowspice
  • Submissives Starter Kit
  • Sugarglider Fury
  • The Demon's Gaze
  • The Hound's Bite
  • The Progeny Clamor
  • The Southern Gentleman's Lament
  • Winds of the Furies


Created 8 April 2017.

Fun Facts

  • It is the first and only alchemy shop in the City.
  • Several of the spells are named for loved ones.
  • Upon it's creation, the original building was cloaked in darkness.
  • The Phial took 5 years to be created and was a gift from Liski's husband.
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