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For the LiveJournal community, see Lost in Shadows.

Lost In Shadow is a state of invisibility, where a vampire cannot be seen.



While Lost In Shadow, a vampire cannot be seen in the in-game view, and therefor niether robbed nor bitten. However, he or she will still:

Entering the Shadows

The state is entered automatically after 4 days (96 hours) of inactivity. The time required is reduced with the power of Shadows.

Coming out of Shadow

To exit the Lost In Shadow state, the vampire just need to make any in-game action that uses AP. Examples are moving, biting or refreshing the game window 6 times.

Consumed by Shadows

Inactivity is what leads to the Lost In Shadow state, and inactivity for a longer period (a few weeks) can lead to a vampire being Deleted For Inactivity. Being purged in this way is sometimes referred to as being "Consumed by Shadows". Donating vampires are never purged.

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