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A Master Vampire is a vampire without a sire. If he or she has any childer (who in turn may have childer and so on), the master vampire will be the head of their lineage.

Since the master vampire lack blood ancestry, he or she can be viewed as free and independant. At the same time, the master vampire is in way a blood orphan and potentially alone, especially if also without childer and partner.

The childe of a master vampire is referred to as a second-generation vampire.


Becoming a master vampire

There are four ways a vampire can become a master vampire:

Ceasing to be a master vampire

A master vampire can bind him- or herself to a new sire, and become a childe. This is basically vampiric bloodline adoption, and both must agree.


There are no particular benefits of being a master vampire. Some items will be less useful:


The vampbox {{Master Vampire}} can be used on your character page. It will add the vampire to [[Category:Master Vampires]].

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