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The link to the My Vampire page.

The My Vampire page is the part of the game where you can inspect all details about your vampire.



The info on the page include:

  • your current blood pints
  • Powers: any powers, with levels
  • Quest: current task and time limit for any ongoing quest
  • Money: number of coins carried
  • Possessions: a list of any items carried, each with number and description
  • Location: the address you are currently at
  • your partner, if any
  • number of childer, and names of up to ten of them
  • your sire and blood lineage
  • up to ten of your siblings

There are also options related to your game account, and your biter link.

Disabling biter link

With your biter link enabled, any number of new players may create their vampires with you as sire. If you do not desire any more childer, you can disable (and later re-enable) this here. Think of it as the web-vampire equivalent of contraceptives.

Second Sight

Other players with the power of Second Sight can view some (but not all) of these details.


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