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A Necromancer is a friendly Non-Player Character. Necromancers act as healers of vampires, and can restore lost blood for a price.


Where to find


A necromancer can be found in any potion shop, but shows up only if you have lost blood and carry 25 coins or more:

A necromancer in the back of the shop senses you are weakened. He offers to return your strength by up to <number> pints at a cost of 25 coins per pint.

Restoring blood

The necromancer can only restore lost blood. In game terms, your all-time maximum BP minus 100 is the threshold up to which you can refill with the necromancer's help. For example: if you at your peak had 3,000 BP, you can be healed up to 2,900.

For a vampire to be a fitting patient, the blood must have been lost as a result of:

The damage from chasing a vampire hunter cannot be healed, unless the vampire suffered damage from some of the above prior to the hunter encounter. The same apparently apply for blood lost when buying higher levels of Neutrality.[1]

A vampire with a Battle Cloak cannot be healed while in Torpor.


The price is 25 coins per regained pint of blood.


Necromancers were introduced March 2003.

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