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Neutrality is a power that designates a vampire as "non-violent." He or she becomes prohibited from using weapons against other vampires, and in return gets the unseen protection of the Peacekeepers. The agreement extends partially to theft.

Neutrality is a double-edged power that adds several restrictions on what the vampire can do.


Where to get

Peacekeepers Mission 1, 2 and 3 respectively (in order)


  • Neutrality 1: 10,000 coins
  • Neutrality 2: 10,000 coins + 500 BP
  • Neutrality 3: 10,000 coins + 1,000 BP

You must have Neutrality 1 to get Neutrality 2, and Neutrality 2 to get Neutrality 3.


A neutral vampire

Neutrality prevents the user from using weapons.

It also significantly reduces the amount of damage weapons will have on the Neutral Vampire (compare Battle Cloak). The damage reduction against a Vial of Holy Water or Garlic Spray increases with the level of Neutrality. At Neutrality 3, a Vial of Holy Water will only cause 1 BP of damage.

Scrolls of Turning

A Neutral vampire suffer no damage from a Scroll of Turning, but can be moved by it as normal.

A Neutral vampires can use a Scroll of Turning, but it will not cause damage to vampires in the target area. This is the mirror image of the effect it has on you, and prevents its use as a makeshift weapon.

Pink name color

Neutrality is a public declaration of your vampire's pacificm and as such will highlight your name in pink. Neutral Vampires are therefore sometimes mentioned as "Pinkies". If a vampire has both Neutrality and a Battle Cloak, the pink color will take precedence.

Raven Black implies mild ridicule in the game's class name for the display of Neutral players — .pansy (as seen in blood.css).

Money transactions

Neutral vampires cannot give coins to — or receive coins from — non-Neutral vampires. This prevents Neutrals from hiring mercenaries to commit their violent acts for them.

Peacekeeper tax on theft

If a robber or his/her victim has the power of Neutrality, half of any robbed loot is lost (the Peacekeepers taxate such transgressions by and against their members).

Removing Neutrality

Unlike most other powers, Neutrality can be removed at the exact same place and price you paid to get it (in coins and blood).


Neutrality was introduced 3 August 2003.

Pros and cons

In favor of Neutrality

  • The Peacekeeper tax on theft gives Neutrality a slight deterrent effect against robbers, as they get less when robbing you.
  • Staying out of violent clan vendettas becomes easier.
  • Above all, you look extremely fashionable in pink.

Against Neutrality

  • Neutrality and Thievery is not a very profitable combination.
  • Trading can only be done with other Neutrals.
  • It is expensive in coins and blood.
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