Obsidian's Castle of Warwick

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(City Limits)
(City Limits)
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obsidian's Castle of Warwick
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obsidian's Castle of Warwick is one of †obsidian's many lairs.


Obsidian and Northern City Limits


This dark castle, seemingly taken out of a fairy tale, is set back against the hills of RavenBlack City. The towers, turrets and spires of this medieval structure jut out against the skyline, creating an imposing effect. On closer inspection, it will be noted, a wide moat of lava encircles the castle.

A sign is posted in front of the Gate House:

"To all those who venture here as friends, you are welcome. This is the home of the Warwicks. The Castle was built in the 11th Century by the family and rebuilt in the 17th Century after the Great Fire of 1694. If you enter the grounds, you will discover the Shire of Warwick.
A few of the many places of interest you may want to peruse at your leisure: The bakery; where fresh bloodpretzels can be bought, The training grounds; to practice your skills or compete in tourneys, Beautiful gardens full of exotic flowers; to stroll through with your love, The alchemists; for medicinal purposes only, of course ;)
The shire also has points of interest such as the Priory, Hospital, and Gaol.
If you are invited to the main castle itself, it has its own spectacular views from the turrets, above the winding towers. Gardens, a wine cellar full of a wonderful selection of libations, libraries full of rare publications, an herbarium with whatever herb anyone would need to create potions, and on the grounds a great maze to get lost in. The dungeon is a place you may want to stay away from, pay no attention to the piercing screams.
Also, if the smell of sulfur permeates the air. better make a run for it, there are dragons afoot."

A box of leaflets sits against the wall, with a notice, "Please take a leaflet for more information."


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