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The Peacekeepers Mission is one of the guilds in RavenBlack City. As their name suggests, they focus on keeping the peace for vampires who lack the interest or ability to fight others. The Peacekeepers offer both physical protection and an anti-theft policy for those who agree to commit to non-violence. For frequent fighters, the Peacekeepers provides a cloak to protect them when they are nearly down and out.

Peacekeepers Mission buildings have special signs, for example: Peacekeepers Mission 1



Quite unlike other guilds, the Peacekeepers Mission is a public institution, and the three tier missions are fully visible. They are found at fixed locations, publicly advertised:

  • Peacekeepers Mission 1: SE of Emerald and 67th
  • Peacekeepers Mission 2: SE of Unicorn and 33rd
  • Peacekeepers Mission 3: SE of Emerald and 33rd

Each tier building offer visiting vampires training in the powers of Neutrality and Battle Cloak.


Powers offered Cost
Peacekeepers Mission 1 Neutrality 1 10,000 coins
Battle Cloak 2,000 coins
Peacekeepers Mission 2 Neutrality 2 10,000 coins + 500 BP
Battle Cloak 2,000 coins
Peacekeepers Mission 3 Neutrality 3 10,000 coins + 1,000 BP
Battle Cloak 2,000 coins


The Peacekeepers Mission was introduced 3 August 2003.



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