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Perception is a power that gives a vampire a supernatural hearing, eye-sight and sense of smell. It allows hearing the tiniest sounds from a long distance. The perceptive vampire can tell the true nature of a human a block away, or hear the metallic clinkering of coins in a heavy purse.


Where to get

Allurists Guild (any)


7,500 coins + Perception Quest


The Human is a vampire hunter seen with Perception

Vampire hunters

Perception lets you see a Vampire hunter in a nearby square as a Human in green on a black background, where you would otherwise see it as Human in anonymous white.

This does not mean that the hunter is "run down and available for destruction." It just identifies him or her as a hunter. If you choose to enter the square, prepare to have to deal with the hunter as normal (i.e. chase it and lose potentially hundreds of BP). Perception lets you seek or avoid your hunter fights at your discretion.

Rich vampires

If you also have Thievery, Perception gives you a chance of knowing if vampires who share your square are "rich", i.e. carry alot of coins. If so, the (rob) link becomes yellow.

There is speculation as to what the threshold for "alot" is, but generally speaking, if the rob link is yellow, they'll have more coins than if it was white. When biting humans, a loot of a 100 coins or more is described by the game as "Nice" , so this may or may not be the threshold for "rich" vampires as well.


Perception was introduced on 2 April 2005.

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