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Another Informationsource?

Maybe you ask: Why? or Do we need another Informationsource?

I did it mainly because after all this years I am still not satisfied by the way information is scattered around, hard to find, redundant, obsolete, bad presented and ... because I can. And because I like helping peebs. Not beeing satisfied is the reason I started A View In The Dark, which I did for myself, but as I got to know some of you guys out there iI decided to share it with you, the rest is history. This is the main reason why I chose to close the RavenBlack City Forum and replace it with the wiki way.

Not Satisfied Either?

Then feel free to start contributing to the RavenBlack Citypedia. There's so much to do, and you can't do that much wrong. It's very easy for those who don't know how a wiki is run. The only thing you need to do first is to create an account. Then you either click on an term which still is red, a page you think needs improvement (by clicking edit on top of it) or you search for and can't find it and maybe decide to start it as a new one. If you decide to change something you don't need to worry, nothing get's overwritten, old versions of a page will kept as backup and are easily restored. That's the great thing about a wiki. And you can discuss every page, which is like making notes on the back site of a sheet of paper.

Where To Start?

As I am writing this (June 16th, 2008 06:37am) there are only few pages available. I hope it doesn't stay this way. Some sources I can provide without stealing and without asking are from former RavenBlack City Forum host Zachary Craft's old Pages which are now legally mine. If you get information from other sources please make sure you are allowed to and please cite them.

A good way is to take a look at the section Find something to write about on the Help page, which you will find always on the left navigation box.

Own Userpage

I almost forgot. If you like, you can provide information about yourself in any way you like. I thought if you want to write about your Vampire-Character though, you start a new page with the Character before it's name. Like for example with †cliffburton. For those familiar with writing for a wiki check out the source of my example as a guide.

Picture Upload

It's possible and it's easier as you might think. It only takes a minute to learn it. Check out Upload file on the left side toolbox.

Dual Language Support

Another Reason is, I made it dual language support. Yes, finally it's possible to get and store the informations in german language, too. *yawn* You might not know anyone who cares about that fact, but well, around here a lot of do. Check out the left side.

Shop & Guild Locations

Please keep using A View In The Dark for searching or posting that information.

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