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This page is used for sysop-to-sysop communication. For example, if a Sysop wanted to get the attention of all other system operators, discuss a policy issue, request assistance from a number of other system operators, etc., he or she could do so by posting under the appropriate section on this page instead of having to write on several different talk pages. Additionally, since this page is intended for system operators use only, it is locked so that non-sysops cannot edit it. The talk page, however, is to be kept unlocked so that other users of the wiki can comment as well if necessary.

Page Guidelines

When starting a new discussion, please do so by placing it under a new
===Level Three Header===
at the top of one of the sections below. If an appropriate section doesn't exist, either place it under the Other section, or create a new section. After the discussions are concluded, they can be moved to the Archive.


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