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2000th Article: Vauxite and 91st February 10 2011


1500th Article: †KinMandragoran‎ September 09 2010

1000th Article: †Nikolai Kort July 28 2010

900th Article: †Battalion April 26 2010


800th Article: †Gothic-Rose December 16 2009

750th Article: Nightchilder (IRC community) 08th December 2009

700th Article: Metudesbana 06th December 2009

666th Article: Chimera Wolf 06th December 2009

600th Article: †Em 04th December 2009

500th Article: Block 18th of November 2009

300th Article: †Creperum 30th of May 2009

250th Article: †virgo shelly 25th of April 2009

222th Article: Clothespins 11th of April 2009; the city got a graffiti :)

Due to my absence, I didn't catch the interesting marks between 100 and 222 and the logs are silent about those. Sorry about that. --Cliff Burton Marco 18:54, 4 June 2009 (UTC)


100th Article: Allies of the Clan of the Archangel 08th of October 2008

‎75th Article: †Vukodlac 04th of July 2008

‎50th Article: Action Points 19th of June 2008

25th Article: ‎2005 19th of June 2008

Added the first Article: †cliffburton 16th of June 2008

(I had to begin with something special.. no, wait, what I meant was.. something easy for me to write about ;D )

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