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What to do and how to find them

Generally there are a list of Maintenance report links which can be found in the left toolbox link Special pages. These are generated by the wiki itself by analyzing the pages or there status given by special parameters.

Also this wiki has Maintenance Templates that are created and used by more advanced users of the wiki to help maintain and enhance the quality of the articles. You can use them to mark pages as well as find pages that need a bit of touching.

Following a humble try to explain what some of them do. Feel free to discuss and suggest to add more Templates, Categories if you need them.

Stub Articles

Not Stub

Q:Should I remove the stub tags on Articles that are basically complete, but short anyway?
A:Yes. See Template:Notstub which was just created for that purpose.

Dead End Articles

Types of deadend pages often created and left as deadends


  • Assuring that images in the gallery do not violate copyrights.
  • Replace images in the gallery with free pictures from wikicommons.
  • Remove dublettes.
  • Ask for deletion of those which are violating rights or are explicit in a certain way...
  • Add source information to existing images.

Articles with an Broken Image

Missing Info

Please Discuss

  • Articles or articles talk pages marked into [[Category:Please Discuss]] are simply invitations to discuss things.

Character Name

  • [[Category:characters]]. Often there are some characters which are created most of the time by newbies that are in the userspace or just not starting with the cross . Those need to be moved by an admin.

Category cleanup

Sometimes a category is created by copying an existing one, without understanding what it does or where itself it should be categorized into. For example there are Templates for Administration purposes which should be used by admins, Maintenance Templates to mark articles, Utility Templates for helping to format code. Let's keep that tidy. Ask, discuss, cleanup.

Category Descriptions

One could go and check all the categories for a proper description, maybe even an image. Be creative, be bold. --Cliff Burton Marco 01:20, 16 August 2010 (UTC)


  • Learn how to use the wiki software. This is support, too!
  • Read, correct, expand, enhance the existing wiki help pages, make suggestions to help pages. *Make general suggestions!


  • Clean up external linking in articles, use references instead. Look into the Example Reference Page to learn how easy and fun this is!
  • Add references for citing critical, disputed lines in articles to make them better understandable and keeping the wiki a friendly zone.

The Vampire Lexicon


I think there should be guides for wiki as well as ingame questions like (how to play), and all this..


  • Maybe something like:
First time playing? Read the First Night in RavenBlack City guide.

(Which could be put on the Main Page)

Wiki Tutorials

  • How to upload images (explaining copyright, image type and size...).
  • How to troubleshoot and test a custom signature.

Administrator Duties

There should be a list put together which admins should have on their watchlist. I am starting this here:


Category Items

If someone wants to make articles for each Item with a proper image instead of just listing them shortly (which should be kept), those articles should be put into [[Category:Items]]. See Chocolate Ghost for example.

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