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A Silver Pocket Watch is a rarity item.

Rarities are a category of items that can not be found in ordinary shops, since they are sold in a stationary shop or extended lair only.

The most notable places to find Rarities in are the stationary shopsEternal Aubade of Mystical Treasures and The Cloister of Secrets.


Rarity pricing

Since a rarity isn't sold in regular shops, the regular price is inaccessible. The stationary shops and extended lairs that sell rarities generally offer other items at 110 % of their regular price, and pawn value observations suggest that rarities too are sold at 110 % of unseen regular prices.

The regular price of a rarity can be determined indirectly by doubling its pawn value, since that represents 50 % of any item's price. Alternatively, the regular price can be estimated by dividing the listed price by 1.10 and rounding fractions up.

Example: A Memorial Candle costs 200 coins. The regular price can be estimated from this as 200 / 1.10 = 181.8... ≈ 182 coins. Its observed pawn value is 91 coins, meaning the regular price of a Memorial Candle indeed is 91 × 2 = 182 coins.

Prices of rarities are unaffected by Charisma.

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