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The RavenBlack Bite was a newspaper created by †Andre Louvain and †Coquette, June 25, 2008. It was run by Coquette and a small staff of mods until it's closing on April 23, 2013.

The Bite, unlike some other news areas, was an online newspaper, meaning no actions were(supposed to) take place in the threads. Vampires could 'log-on' and read the goings on of the City and reply. For the less tech savvy pire there was a "Bite at Home" section where full length roleplays can be written out to respond to news of the day.


The Setup

The Bite has different sections pertaining to different items happening around city. Each one of these sections have different attributes which makes the paper fun and exciting.


  1. Official News
  2. Freelance News


  1. Anniversaries
  2. Engagements
  3. Sirings
  4. Partner-Bindings
  5. Sire-Childe Severances
  6. Partner Severances
  7. Casualties
  8. Dead and Buried
  9. Jailed!


  1. Vampire Soapboxes

Blood Sports

  1. War
  2. Duels


  1. Take a Bite out Of...
  2. The Rumor Mill
  3. Vampire Profiles (IC)
  4. Bitey Awards


  1. Business Adverts
  2. Clan Adverts
  3. Personals
  4. Event Advertisements

Miscellaneous (IC)

  1. Rules
  2. Letters to the Editors
  3. Off Topic
  4. Contact Information
  5. Lifestyles


  1. Character Sheets
  2. General Roleplay
  3. Bite at Home
  4. Cafe Damari
  5. Bitey Awards


  1. OOC Rules
  2. RavenBlack City OOC
  3. General OOC
  4. Suggestions
  5. Forum Updates
  6. Deleted For Cheating (moved to IC)


Old Board
Created: June 25, 2008
Status: Closed - Dec 8, 2009
First Posts: Jun 26, 2008
Total Members: 1,211
Total Topics: 3,150
Total Posts: 94,244

New Board
Created: Dec 3, 2009
Status: Active
First Posts: Dec 6, 2009
Total Members: 877±
Total Topics: 1,649±
Total Posts: 38,972±

The Staff

Site Administrator: †Coquette

Slave: †Mictian

Global Moderator: †Damia Morgan, †Inu, †Akiko, †black_dragonet, †virgo_shelly, †Zuri Petteri

Reporting Staff: †Airey, †IantheEventide, †femme fatale, †Jauk, †Nemesis, †Sartori, †Solanea

Security Defense League: †Moon_Shadow, †Jair

Selective Moderators: †Frozen Nova, †evilive_inc

In-Game Building

The RavenBlack Bite at Oppression and 40th.

External Link

Current online-forum address (you can find a link on the left in the wiki)

Archive forum (not in use)

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