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master vampire
└─ grandsire
└─ sire
├─ sibling
├─ you ─♥─ partner
│ ├─ childe
│ │ └─ grandchilde
│ └─ childe
└─ sibling

Family and how they are related to you.

Relationship between vampires means that they share lineage, are partner-bound, or both.


Sire and childe

Sire usually refers to the older vampire who's name was in the biter link used when the new vampire was created. The younger vampire becomes the sire's childe, and inherits the sire's lineage. The sire gains 10 BP for each new childe, a bonus sometimes referred to as black blood.

Your sire as well as your entire lineage will show up on your My Vampire page. For the sire, the top ten childer (BP-wise) will be listed. A vampire without a sire is called a master vampire.


A master vampire can choose to bind to a sire, and become that vampire's childe. This corresponds to adoption and is done in the Hall of Binding. The resulting sire-childe relationship will become indistinguishable from any other.


A sire-childe relationship can be ended through severance, performed in the Hall of Severance. The former childe will lose the entire lineage and become a master vampire. The sire can sever the childe for free, but if the childe wants to sever the sire it is usually very costly.

Background and ethymology

A sire is the vampire who has turned a once-mortal human into a vampire. A simple bite is not enough: the transformation requires the act which is called the Embrace (or siring) in which the siring vampire drains the human of all their blood and then provides the victim some of their own, which revives the corpse into unlife. The new-born vampire is the sire's childe (plural form childer). This relationship is similiar to the parent/child relationship of humans, very apparent as the word child is derived from the medieval childe and sire has the denotation of father, though some choose to ignore (and even spurn) the idea, and view the relationship as one of 'mentor and pupil'. This, however, does not prevent a sire and a childe to be partner-bound, neither practically or morally.


A sibling is another childe of your sire, meaning you share the same lineage. It is more or less analogous to human siblinghood. Your top ten siblings (BP-wise) will show up on your My Vampire page, but otherwise siblinghood has no in-game effects.


A partner relationship corresponds to human marriage. Partner-bound vampires will show up as such on each other's My Vampire pages.

Binding and severance

Partner-binding is performed by both parties in the Hall of Binding. It can later be ended by any one party in the Hall of Severance.

Practical benefits

  • The Scroll of Succour can be used to teleport to the exact location of your partner or sire. Sires can't teleport to their childer, however. Nor can vampires with identical ID numbers (URLs).
  • Partners can use a Scroll of Bondage to teleport their partner to them; it is basically a Scroll of Succour in reverse.
  • Sires can use a Scroll of Summoning to teleport their childe to them; it is basically a Scroll of Succour in reverse.
  • Using Telepathy to your childe, sire and partner costs only half the AP it would normally cost.

Other relationships

While only sire/childe and partner relationships have practical benefits, there are also other types of relationships, including but not limited to:

  • Blood-Brother or Blood-Sister: Vampires that have undergone a ritual sharing and drinking of each others blood.
  • Blood-Child/Blood-Parent: Similiar to Blood-brethren, but a relationship in which the other is subordinate to the other instead of equal.
  • Clan members: Members of the same clan usually have a special relationship including benefits such as protection and monetary aid.
  • Friendship: Vampires bonded merely by sheer affection.
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