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Roleplaying games may be played on your computer, or on a table with polyhedra dice.



Think of roleplaying like improvisation - it may be pretending to be something or someone you aren't normally, or a version of yourself. Many people think that roleplaying is limited to scary dungeons and big fire breathing dragons, or even the mother/father/son/daughter roleplaying in a psychiatrist’s offices, but true roleplaying can incorporate anything from futuristic science fiction robots to blonde bimbos with big guns (and I do mean machine guns). Roleplaying is about experiencing new people, places, thoughts, and ways of thinking that you may not normally encounter. In our case, we roleplay at being VAMPIRES. (Well at least most of us do, as there is no shortage of demons and fairy-folk in the game as well.)

Roleplay Elements

RP-only elements (roleplaying-only) are unofficial elements in the game designed for roleplaying purposes. These elements do not appear in the game as such, but only in the imagination of the players who choose to incorporate these elements into their gaming. Despite this, RP-only elements may be very enriching for one's gaming experience.


Some players may expand the population of RavenBlack City beyond other vampires and humans. Examples of these Player Supporting Characters include pets, assistants, and ghouls.


Vampire characters often possess belongings which are non-existent in the game, for example weapons. These items may be used towards other player characters in the way that the players agree.


Some locations that are regular buildings by strict game basics (empty black squares), are sometimes assigned for a specific purpose either by one player or a player community, such as a clan. A player may, for example, choose "an apartment" from the city.

Since only the imagination of the players regulates RPG-only places and due to the obvious lack of a list comprised of all unofficial locations, one same location may be used for strikingly different purposes by different players. RP-only places may be considered a lower form of lairs.


The creation of RP-only elements is not bound to the three main categories. Examples on other RP-only elements, to which only imagination is the limit, include radio stations, newspapers and such.

List of Roleplay Elements on the RBCityWiki

List of Roleplay Elements.

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