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A Safety Deposit Box Key is an item. It is available as a rarity at The Cloister of Secrets. The key is a durable that allows a vampire to store (other) items at the bank, similar to how coins can be deposited.




Owning such a key gives access to a magical Safety Deposit Box when visiting a bank.

Items can be deposited at any bank, and later withdrawn from that or any other bank in RavenBlack City.

Cold storage

Flowers will not decay while in the deposit box.

Where to get

The Cloister of Secrets


price Charisma(1) Charisma(2) Charisma(3)
Special shop* 11000 coins
Pawn shop -5000 coins

* stationary shop or extended lair.

(pawn value is estimated and unconfirmed)


You are safe from accidentally giving items away or using them while they are kept in storage.


The Safety Deposit Box Key was introduced 26 July 2008.

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