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Fear and 4th
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The Sanguinarium
Devil Miyu
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The Sanguinarium is the city's restaurant for vampires, and the extended lair of †Devil Miyu.

The place is similar to a pub in that is serves blood-based drinks for coins. Instead of a barman you are served by a waitress, who does not give information upon orders, only smalltalk. The place is not used in quests.



Fear and 4th


Nestled just a few blocks south of the City's first and oldest residential building, The Sanguinarium offers a unique dining experience with a relaxing ambience. Surrounded by works of art, its interior is accentuated with Florentine floor tiles, black Carrara marble, Venetian granite, handcrafted Cherry wood paneling and vaulted ceilings created by skilled master craftsmen.

Snag a seat by the huge fireplace or lounge around near the stage for an up-close-and-personal jazz or blues performance by local artists. A sign above the stage reads:

The Sanguinarium - brought to you exclusively by Devil Miyu


  • Demi-God's Blood (800 coins)
  • Virgin's Blood (600 coins)
  • Blood in a Baggie (500 coins)
  • Sewer Rat (400 coins)
  • Blood-Red Absinthe (300 coins)
  • Blood Sausages (200 coins)
  • Blood Pudding (200 coins)
  • Blood Oranges (200 coins)
  • Blood Filled Chocolate Truffles (200 coins)
  • Blood Infused Tea (200 coins)
  • Demon Blood (1000 coins)


  • Glass of Merlot (100 coins)
  • Glass of Shiraz (100 coins)
  • Glass of Pinot Noir (100 coins)
  • Glass of Cabernet Sauvignon (100 coins)


  • Pomegranate Martini (100 coins)
  • Bloody Mary (100 coins)
  • Strawberry Daiquiri (100 coins)
  • Black Cherry Mojito (100 coins)
  • Cranberry Margarita (100 coins)

The courses yield as much BP as they cost in hundreds.


First opened 27 February 2008 (†Devil Miyu's birthday). It opened simultaneously as The Cloister of Secrets and The Sepulchre of Shadows.[1]


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