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Second Sight or Second-sight (both spellings used in-game) is a power that allows you to inspect certain details about other vampires.


Where to get

Second Sight is available only to vampires for which a player has donated toward server costs to Raven Black.


Minimum donation effectively is 5 USD for 5 credits. Those will give Second Sight and 3 credits worth of other powers, meaning the net cost of Second Sight is 2 credits.


Information seen with Second Sight. In this case the user has Locate, making the target's location show.

With Second-sight, other vampires' names will become links. You use it by clicking on the name of the target vampire or by using the "More Commands" screen. It costs half an action point per target.

The information seen will be similar to that of the target's My Vampire screen, and includes current blood pints, powers and relationships. You will also see if the target is Lost in Shadow, Dead and Buried or Deleted For Cheating.

Note that there is no info about carried coins or items, nor about any active quest.

Synergy with Locate

When Second Sight is combined with Locate, the Locate information will be included when you Second-sight another vampire.

Blocking Second Sight

Those with the Ghost ability can block one or more other vampires from using Second Sight (or anything else for that matter) upon them.


Second Sight has since the beginning been available to donors of 5 USD or more.

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