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Shops are buildings where vampires can buy various items for their coins. There are different types of shops, which offer different kinds of items.

Shops all have greyish blue signs, for example: The Magic Box

There are 27 shops in RavenBlack City.



Shops move to new random locations every 12 hours. You may get their locations by asking humans, from the barman at pubs, or by visiting A View In The Dark.

The stationary shops are the exceptions to this, as their locations are fixed.

Shop categories

The list of items offered has changed since this screenshot was made.

Shop categorization is primarily based on the items offered. The exceptions to this are the discount shop and stationary shop categories.

Discount shops

Discount shops all have the word "Discount" in their names. They belong to another shop category as well, but sell those items at 30 % discount.

Potion shops

Potion shops sell various vials and flasks with potions. Potion shops also have necromancers.

Scroll shops

Scroll shops sell scrolls — various texts and parchments of magic incantation.

Magic shops

Magic shops sell both the potions and scrolls that potion shops and scroll shops sell. In addition they also sell non-specialties.

Pawn shops

Pawn shops don't sell anything, but buy items for 50 % of their regular price. As a homophone joke, pawn shops are sometimes colloquially referred to as "porn shops". This includes A View in the Dark.

Stationary shops

Stationary shops are found at fixed locations — they do not move like other shops. Most stationary shops sell rarities. If they offer other items, it is generally at a 10 % or 25 % higher price than in regular shops.

Other shop-like buildings

Some extended lairs sell items, similar to stationary shops.



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