Sons of Sin

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We're open to all.

Young and well aged.
Bitter and kind.
Pretentious and pitiful.



Last known URL (current):

  • Current Members: Private
  • Founded: 08-08-08
  • Opened to Public: November 17th 2009
  • Public Status: Disbanded
  • Private Status: Awake
  • Alignment: Neutral

Old Members

  • -Tyr-
  • Mona Hraefn
  • Shanria
  • ForsakenSorrow
  • _EarthAngel_
  • AkujinNakaru
  • Silence
  • SilentAria
  • Kiss
  • Tyliana
  • Jada
  • Kerra
  • Libs
  • Nixx
  • SWatcher
  • Hells Knight
  • Grin
  • Credence
  • Eternalia
  • Tyliana
  • Drayden
  • Jacomo Varis
  • WindandSea
  • Airey
  • Jair
  • Retro-Ductape
  • Tiny Titan
  • Ace
  • CT Serafini

Current Members

  • Private

Old Leadership

Current Leadership

Group History


Jacomo Varis founds The Sons of Sin Clan.

Jacomo Varis donates 1,000,000 to Member pool.


Sons of Sin start openly recruiting.


Sons of Sin zero †Inu_Kun

Sons of Sin demote †Mona Hraefn as 2IC

Sons of Sin Appoint †Airey as new 2IC

Alliance formed with Path of Enlightenment

Alliance formed with House of Dumont

Alliance formed with Tal'mahe'Ra

Alliance formed with Unity

†Airey resigns from the 2IC position at Sons of Sin

Sons of Sin goes into co-leadership with the vampire †Jada

Sons of Sin 2IC position given to †Sapphira

Sons of Sin Head of War position given to †-Tatyn-

†WindandSea resigns from the Headmistress position at Sons of Sin.

†Jada, †Sapphira and †-Tatyn- are severed from Sons of Sin.

†Eternalia is made Second in Command.


March - Members of Sons of Sin help in the zeroing of †Guillem

Sons of Sin disbands.


Jacomo Varis leaves the city.

Membership is closed.


Jacomo Varis returns.

Exclusive Membership Requirements - You must be invited.

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