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This category has been replaced by [[Category:Extended Lairs]] and [[Category:Stationary Shops]]. --deCarnacT·C 20:37, 26 May 2012 (CEST)

A Special Shop is a building that sells items like a regular shop does, but:

  • is found at a fixed location, unlike other shops
  • may offer special items that are not available in normal shops
  • is often created and administred by prominent players, and may also serve as their lair



Some special shops are primarily shops, while some are lairs with a small shop business on the side. The distinction can be done by the building's in-game color.

Primarily shops

These special shops are displayed as shops, with their names on a blue background:

Primarily lairs

These special shops are displayed as lairs, with their names on a maroon background:

Special prices

If a Special Shop sells regular items it is usually either at a 10 % or 25 % premium, that is at 110 % or 125 % of regular price.

When buying a special item, the price is fixed (unaffected by Charisma).

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