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Encouraging not to use the <br> tag, instead use <poem>your many lines</poem>. See Help:FAQ on how to use that.

Naming Convention

No "&" in titles

Don't use ampersand (the &-sign) in page titles. Use the word and instead. If you use ampersand the page will be created, but cannot be opened or edited normally. Messy.

Page titles lowercase

  • Avoid capitalizing words in page names, unless they would be capitalized within an English sentence (names, for example). Other pages that link to it often do so in the middle of a sentence.

Page titles Singular/Plural

  • It seems to be common to use singular whenever possible.


  • Names of topic categories should be singular, normally corresponding to the name of an article. Examples: "Law", "Civilization".
  • Names of list categories should be plural. Examples: "Pubs", "Families".
  • As with lists, avoid descriptive adjectives such as special, important, or notable in category titles.

Block screenshots

  • Use a screenshot of a block which shows all 3x3 squares. Try to either show no borders or all of them.
  • Think about when it suits the article best to show the squares empty (or nearly so) or crowded in the picture.
  • Never show the description below (at least for buildings) as this would be a redundant information and should always be cited in the description of the article (Exceptions can be made if useful).
  • Try not to irritate a newbie player. Remember when you saw the matrix the first time ("WTH is this supposed to be?"). So we should show the whole 3x3 with the subject in the center of attention. No distraction. Hence the suggestion not to show too much.
  • Make the picture 300px wide, no link to the picture, so that if a confused player is clicking on the squares, nothing happens.
  • Try to avoid .jpg as file format, instead use .png which is best. You don't have to, of course.

Example code for screenshot of squares inclusion

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